Developing effective disaster recovery programs: what can we learn from Hurricanes Irma & Harvey?

Members of FEMA's Urban Search and Rescue Nebraska Task Force One (NE-TF1) comb a neighborhood for surviors impacted by flooding from Hurricane Harvey. Source: FEMA News PhotoGeary Sikich looks at some of the ‘lessons learned’ that have been published following Hurricanes Irma & Harvey and provides his own take on these. He also presents a resilience framework, which breaks the resilience process into strategic, operational and tactical levels.

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A methodological approach for developing a business impact analysis

Alberto Alexander.jpgWhile the BIA is seen by many as the backbone of any BCMS it is lacking a formal methodology. Here, Alberto G. Alexander, Ph.D, MBCI, details nine methodological steps for developing a BIA.

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Tips for improving decision making during incidents

Five steps to a successful business continuity programUnderstanding what is happening within our brains when making decisions under stress can help improve performance under pressure. Charles Boffin provides some useful tips.

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How to diffuse the IT blame game following an incident

Keith BromleyNetwork visibility is often the root cause of difficulties during information security incidents. Keith Bromley explains why this is the case and what organizations can do about the issue.

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