Mission command: how to empower employees to act fast in a crisis

Mission commandThe ability of an organization to respond almost instantaneously to a crisis or potential crisis affects whether the event is manageable or escalates into something more serious. In this article Rob McAllister investigates how a philosophy of mission command can help organizations create a crisis management system that is fit for the digital era, where swift decision-making by effectively empowered people is vital.

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How to ensure that IT security is not a brake on business agility

Joanne GodfreyImplementing a lifecycle approach to network security policy management can speed up application deployment, whilst strengthening security and compliance says Joanne Godfrey…

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Key trends in business continuity invocations

Daren HowellEach year Sungard AS publishes a summary of its business continuity service invocations, providing useful insights into incident trends. Here Daren Howell presents four key trends from the most recent data.

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Business continuity in 2018

2017 business continuity surveyEvery year Continuity Central conducts a survey looking at the changing trends and challenges in the business continuity profession. We have now launched the latest survey in the series and would like to invite all business continuity professionals to take part.

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