Survey: to BIA or not to BIA?

Survey: to BIA or not to BIA?One of the differentiators of the new approach to business continuity advocated by Adaptive BC is the removal of the business impact analysis and risk assessment from the business continuity process. But is that a realistic proposal? This survey seeks the views of business continuity professionals on this issue.

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Keeping employees engaged when it comes to cyber security

Matt KaplanWhen it comes to maintaining an organization’s security, responsibility must be taken by every employee, not just security professionals, as organizations are only as strong as their weakest link. Matt Kaplan offers some thoughts on how businesses can help their staff to better protect their assets.

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The future of technology in business continuity - three things to think about

Charlie BoffinContinual rapid developments in technology and the subsequent impacts on society bring business continuity challenges and opportunities. In this article, Charlie Boffin, CEO of ClearView, explores the subject.

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Tips for successfully building a risk culture

Alexei SidorenkoContrary to popular belief, building a risk culture is not a difficult thing to work at: but there are some misconceptions which, if understood, make it an easier task. In this article Alexei Sidorenko, CRMP, explains what these misconceptions are and provides some ideas which will help.

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