Sending staff home after an incident: a checklist for business continuity planners

sending staff home after a business continuity incidentMany organizations may need to send staff home following an incident, but the process needs to be well managed and prepared for. In this article Charlie Maclean-Bristol, FBCI, provides a checklist of items that should be considered.

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Convergence and the future of business continuity

Jim PreenOne of the big challenges for those of us who work in resilience is convergence; largely it’s the convergence of technologies. In this article, Jim Preen looks at the subject and how it may impact tomorrow’s business continuity management.

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How do you protect your perimeter when you’ve blown it to pieces?

Ian KilpatrickWithout knowing it, many organizations have repeatedly punched holes into their once-secure perimeter says Ian Kilpatrick. While security is no longer mainly about perimeter protection, it is still a vital element...

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Business continuity trends and challenges 2017

business continuity surveyContinuity Central’s annual ‘Business continuity trends and challenges’ survey is now open. The survey asks business continuity professionals about their expectations for 2017, looking at the changes they expect to make in the way they manage BC and the pressures that they face.

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