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Global oil supply disruption exercise scheduled

Get free weekly news by e-mailTop former US national security officials will take part in an oil crisis simulation on Thursday 23rd June that will explore the economic and national security implications of America's dependence on oil by simulating the consequences of a major global oil supply crisis.

This executive simulation will use sophisticated video and computer modelling where participants will assume cabinet-level roles, such as Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense and Secretary of Homeland Security, in a dynamic, unscripted, real-time environment demonstrating the impacts of major disruptions in the world's oil supply.

The event will feature three simulated global oil disruption events, with mock breaking news reports and policy briefings with participants.

Oil Shockwave will simulate a decline in world oil production due to instability and terrorism, develop likely economic and national security implications, and present the deliberations of a mock US government cabinet- level meeting whose task is to advise the president regarding a national response.

Leading former oil industry experts, retired senior US military officers, and top Wall Street investment and trading firms have been deeply involved in the design of the oil disruption scenarios and the related implications.

Oil Shockwave participants will include:

Robert M. Gates, former Director of Central Intelligence;

Richard N. Haass, former Director of Policy Planning at the Department of State;

General P.X. Kelley USMC (Ret.), former Commandant of the Marine Corps and member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff;

William Perry, former Secretary of Defense;

Don Nickles, former US Senator (R-OK);

Carol Browner, former Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency;

Gene B. Sperling, former National Economic Advisor;

Linda Stuntz, former Deputy Secretary of Energy;

R. James Woolsey, former Director of Central Intelligence.

Date: 22nd June 2005 • Region: US Type: Article •Topic: Terrorism
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