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Katrina: offers of disaster recovery assistance

Get free weekly news by e-mailA roundup of companies that are offering disaster recovery aid specifically aimed at businesses impacted by Hurricane Katrina.

Last Mile Connections (LMC), a carrier-neutral colocation and online bandwidth exchange provider, has announced that the company will offer up to three months of free power and space within six of its colocation sites to any nonprofit or government agency involved in Hurricane Katrina's relief efforts or to any Gulf Coast business impacted by the hurricane. Last Mile Connections is offering all of its available space at six of its major colocation centers in Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles, and Washington DC. Last Mile Connections will also provide the services of their highly-qualified, on-site technicians to aid in the initial setup and connection of the affected companies' networks. For more information, please visit

Strohl Systems is offering a free three-month, limited use of NotiFind, its crisis communications tool, to government and non-profit agencies responding specifically to the Katrina relief effort. NotiFind provides the ability to quickly communicate a consistent message to thousands of people. The offer is extended until the end of 2005. For details, contact Kevin Miller, Strohl Systems, +1 800-634-2016 or

Mi8 Corporation is offering free services to companies in the coastal areas of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, and to nonprofit and government organisations involved in the relief efforts. The services consist of an advanced messaging system based on Microsoft Exchange server. This system offers e-mail, contact management, a storage system for documents and other electronic materials, and more. Mi8 will help companies set up these free accounts with Internet access and will support the users as they learn to use the system. The offer is 180 days of free service with no upfront costs and no commitments, and is designed to help both organizations that have lost infrastructure and are struggling to continue business operations, and the relief organisations. Some restrictions apply; please contact the company for details at , or at 1-800-965-4648, option 3.

US Wireless Online, Inc. which owns and operates one of the US's largest wireless Internet broadband networks, today announced that it is offering free technology relief to businesses that have been impacted by the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. The company will utilise its recently acquired IPOutlet facility in Columbus, Ohio, to extend free disaster recovery, workforce recovery and infrastructure services to any businesses that have found their operations disrupted by Hurricane Katrina and/or subsequent flooding. This will include use of IPOutlet's 26,000-square foot data centre, network, VoIP, telephony, power resources, equipment, and personnel to aid businesses in need. US Wireless Online, Inc. will offer the abovementioned facility services free of charge for up to ninety days. For more information on these services, contact 1-866-384-7587 and select option two.

Peak 10, n|Frame and Norlight Telecommunications, have announced several joint initiatives. The companies have partnered to provide displaced businesses in New Orleans and other communities in Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi assistance in four critical areas:
* Data centre space: Access to enterprise-class data centre space in one of seven facilities, enabling companies to recover critical information quickly and ensure the security and availability of critical IT infrastructure.
* Physical infrastructure: Access to workplace recovery stations that come equipped with desks, chairs, phones, computers and other basic office equipment to help businesses resume the process of running operations from answering phones to processing transactions.
* Internet connectivity: Access to fast, reliable and fully redundant Internet connectivity for businesses that rely on e-mail, Web sites, Intranets or Extranets to drive revenue and maintain communications with employees, customers, vendors and partners.
* Technical Support: Access to engineering assistance to help with installation, data backup, phone transition and project management for transitioning equipment, data and critical human resources to a temporary facility.
Immediate response assistance for critical services will be provided for 30 days free of charge. More in-depth services and longer term arrangements will also be available on a case-by-case basis as companies work through their recovery and continuity plans. For immediate assistance, contact:
Jeff Spalding (866) 220-2918
J. Qualls (888) 223-8633
Tim Mauck (262) 792-4996

IBM's Crisis Management Team stands ready to assist and support clients in the public and private sector, in the affected areas, with infrastructure needs, equipment acquisition and technical support to help clients return to normal business operations at their primary or alternative locations. IBM recommends clients call 1-800-IBM-SERV (option 4) for questions and assistance regarding business continuity and recovery needs. This channel is the first point of contact and is available to all clients, not just those who have existing business continuity and recovery services contracts.

Regus Group has ready-to-use offices and meeting spaces available for businesses and other organisations needing disaster recovery space. Fully operational, furnished workspaces, including telephones, fax machines and high-speed Internet access are available now. Regus has 16 locations in Texas, including four Houston locations, five Austin locations, and seven Dallas locations. In Alabama, Regus Group offers two locations in Birmingham. Office space is available immediately, based on current availability, to get organizations up and running within 24 hours. For more information contact 1.877.734.8787 or visit

Tugboat Enterprises is offering complimentary Lifeboat Data Rescue programs and technical support for the program to individuals and companies whose computers were hit by Hurricane Katrina. The offer is valid for companies in Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee or South Carolina. Lifeboat Data Rescue retails for $99.99 and provides almost instant access to files on a crashed computer. If the laptop or PC is malfunctioning, Lifeboat can boot up to bypass the malfunctioning software to provide networked access to move files safely. The offer will close on Friday, September 16 th. Contact 1-888-688-9199 or order through

My name is Mark Bureau. I am a small service provider in the metro Atlanta, GA area. I would like to donate my services for the rebuild effort anywhere I can. I have a couple of powerful servers and a very powerful web application suite which includes a trouble ticketing program, a documentation management system, and an outlook like personal event calendar and meeting scheduler. My offer is to donate the space and the applications for anyone who could them on a public/shared basis. I also have a team of contractors which could assist in the rebuild of network infrastructure, simply providing the expertise and know how. If you feel you could use this service, please check out the application in its demo mode at

Use 998776554 / admin000 to log in.I can also be reached at or 770-815-4946

This page will be updated as more offers of business continuity and disaster recovery assistance become available. Refresh your browser to ensure you are reading the latest content.

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Date: 2nd September 2005 • Region: US Type: Article •Topic: DR general
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