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The Business Continuity Institute becomes part of a global resilience network

The Business Continuity Institute has signed up to become a part of the Future Cities and Community Resilience (FCCR) Network, an interdisciplinary collaboration of like-minded academics and professionals that provides a forum for the advancement of knowledge in the core areas of future city resilience, urban supply chain management, smart city technologies and community engagement through experimental and creative methods. Its members, coming from academic, professional and public spheres, aim to pool together their expertise in topics such as resilience studies, technology management, supply chain and logistics among others in creating resilient, sustainable future communities.

In a research meeting in Leeds on the 4th June, the BCI, along with a team from the University of Leeds, was awarded a £1,000 grant to support a project on future cities involving Pararchive, an open digital archive of videos and other resources launched earlier this year. This project will help ensure there is an opportunity to systematically capture and use the stories of disparate and hard to reach groups so that the future cities agenda is not just shaped and controlled by large organizations such as government or private enterprise.

Patrick Alcantara, BCI Research Associate, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for the BCI to get involved in the resilience discourse. The FCCR Network is a groundbreaking thought leadership initiative and will be a significant player in influencing the resilience debate in the years to come.”

The FCCR Network was founded in 2013 by Dr Gary Graham and Prof Eve Coles (University of Leeds), Professor Rashid Mehmood (King Khalid University) and Dr Anita Greenhill (Manchester Business School).

•Date: 1st July 2014 • UK/World •Type: Article • Topic: BC general

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