Understanding and managing the impact of heatwaves on businesses

Understanding and managing the impact of heatwaves on businessesHeatwaves can have wide-ranging impacts on businesses, affecting their operations, supply chains, employee well-being, and financial stability. It is crucial for organizations to fully comprehend the specific challenges posed by heatwaves and develop strategies to mitigate these risks. Owen Miles explores…

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The metrics struggle: creating metrics for a BC or DR program

BC and DR metricsAfter years struggling with tracking metrics for a disaster recovery program, the authors of this article came across a metric tracking system used by a peer which was successfully modified for DR use. The system is shared here to help you move from nagging to supporting the teams that you work with.

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DORA: steps for implementing the Digital Operational Resilience Act

Roland PulferImpacted organizations have until January 2025 to become fully compliant with the EU’s DORA. Dr. Roland Pulfer looks at what needs to be taken into account and how to successfully and pragmatically make the changes required for compliance.

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AI and network security: balancing efficiency and risk

Gergana KungalovaArtificial intelligence — as embedded within network security — plays a critical role in enabling organizations to stay cyber secure. In this interview security engineer Gergana Kungalova describes the network security problems that AI addresses and the risks involved in using AI within this area.

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