Why are organizations failing in effective asset management?

Why are organizations failing in effective asset management?Effective asset management supports business continuity, cyber resilience, and compliance. Businesses can then continuously deploy proactive measures across all assets; but it is an area that many organizations struggle with. Ed Williams looks at why this is; and ways to improve...

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Double extortion ransomware explored: handling the business risk

Chris HarrisChris Harris explains what double extortion ransomware is, explores the growing challenge that it poses for businesses, and looks at prevention tactics that can be implemented as part of a zero trust approach to cyber security.

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Protecting your organization from API security lapses: best practices to adopt

Liad BokovskyAPIs have become a mission critical tool for integrating enterprise applications; but this has been identified by cybercriminals as well as enterprise architects. Liad Bokovsky looks at the emerging issue of API security and resilience.

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The benefits of integrating cyber resilience and business continuity

Julie MirantoIntegrating business continuity and cyber resilience into your organizational culture is an important success factor to help achieve business resilience. Julie Miranto explores this area and the benefits that it brings.

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