To BIA or not to BIA... revisited: interim survey results

To BIA or not to BIA...In June 2017 Continuity Central published the results of a survey which looked at whether attitudes to the business impact analysis and risk assessment were changing. Two years on, we are repeating the survey to determine whether there has been any development in thinking across the business continuity profession. The survey closes on May 31st, and the interim results can now be viewed.

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Eight steps for a dependable disaster recovery plan

Rod HarrisonDisaster recovery is an essential part of any business protocol, but each year we see numerous organizations fall short. By following these eight basic principles, Rod Harrison says that businesses can ensure that they have a complete DR plan that will provide full business continuity...

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Adaptive BC: the business continuity industry’s version of The Emperor’s New Clothes?

Jean RoweAdaptive Business Continuity (Adaptive BC) is an alternative approach to business continuity planning, ‘based on the belief that the practices of traditional BC planning have become increasingly ineffectual’. In this article, Jean Rowe challenges the Adaptive BC approach.

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Disaster recovery testing: how to get it right

Ryan WeeksWith an article prepared for Business Continuity Awareness Week, Ryan Weeks, chief information security officer at Datto shares five tips that business managers and IT teams should follow to help ensure that disaster recovery testing efforts are effective.

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