To BIA or not to BIA... revisited: final survey results

To BIA or not to BIA... revisited: final survey resultsIn June 2017 Continuity Central published the results of a survey which looked at whether attitudes to the business impact analysis (BIA) and risk assessment were changing. Two years on, we repeated the survey to determine whether there has been any development in thinking across the business continuity profession. The final results are now available.

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Are you ready to deal with security-breaching insiders?

Devin SmithA hacker is not necessarily someone sitting somewhere in China or Russia trying to hack your bank account; it can be your employee or contractor too. Devin Smith explores the threat and looks at what organizations can do to reduce risks in this area.

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Three often-overlooked questions to ask when evaluating business continuity software vendors

Mike JenningsOrganizations looking to purchase a new business continuity software solution tend to focus on software features but often fail to thoroughly evaluate risks specific to the vendor, says Mike Jennings.

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Implementing IoT: transformation without business disruption

Jorg HeckeWhile successful Internet of Things (IoT) implementations can bring big benefits, many projects fail with associated business impacts. Jörg Hecke looks at how businesses can make the most of IoT, without impacting on business as usual.

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