Brexit: the unintentional evolution of a Black Swan event

Brexit: the unintentional evolution of a Black Swan eventGeary Sikich explains why he believes that Brexit is a Black Swan event and describes various issues that enterprise risk managers should consider when assessing and managing Brexit risks.

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Replacing FUD with business continuity nudges

Replacing FUD with business continuity nudgesWhen looking to obtain support for business continuity programs the fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) approach is at best ineffective, at worst counter-productive. Instead, using nudge theory is more likely to pay dividends. David Honour explores…

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Emergency evacuations: how to deal with the issue of ‘bystander apathy’

bystander apathyIt has been noted numerous times, in multiple studies, that building occupants often ignore or are slow to respond to standard fire alarm sounders: this is ‘bystander apathy’. This article looks at the issue and suggests some solutions.

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Seven misconceptions about DDoS attacks that could jeopardize your business

Rolf GierhardThe DDoS threat landscape has developed rapidly leaving many organizations behind in both their perception of the risks and their actions to protect against them. Rolf Gierhard looks at the most dangerous and pervasive misunderstandings about DDoS attacks…

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