Organizational resilience: grasping the vision

Organizational resilience: grasping the visionOrganizational resilience has been around for a decade or more as a specific management discipline, but it has yet to gain traction in many organizations. This article explores what organizational resilience is and why it is worth taking another look at.

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Why the c-suite needs to take more responsibility for data security...

Simon PamplinSimon Pamplin discusses why data security needs to be high on the c-suite’s agenda, mapping data breach repercussions to the c-suite’s areas of responsibility and exploring the organizational and personal consequences.

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Out of sight, out of mind? WORM data retention risks explored

Michael JackWrite Once, Read Many (WORM) data is used for a variety of reasons where data integrity, authenticity, and long-term preservation are critical. One area often missed with WORM usage is data retention risk, as Michael Jack explains…

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Six questions that will help you level up your pen testing to 'offensive security'

Tom EstonSimply using point-in-time penetration testing to identify vulnerabilities gives hackers the upper hand says Tom Eston. Here he explains the advantages of moving pen testing towards 'offensive security'.

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