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Business Continuity Awareness Week 2015BCAW 2015

Business Continuity Awareness Week (BCAW) is the annual global educational event for people to learn more about business continuity. This page provides updates on Business Continuity Awareness Week 2015. Testing and exercising
BCAW 2015  takes place between the 16th and 20th March and this year's theme mainly focusses on the importance of testing and exercising business continuity plans.

Latest Business Continuity Awareness Week news

BCI publishes business continuity plan exercising guide
The Business Continuity Institute has published a new guide that will assist those who have responsibility for business continuity to manage their exercise programme.
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•Date: 20th March 2015 • UK/World •Type: Article • Topic:: BC testing & exercising

Take part in the Business Continuity Awareness Week Flashblog
Business continuity professionals are being invited to take part in the second BC Flashblog: an event where people all over the world write an article on the same subject, than all post their articles at the same time.
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•Date: 18th February 2015 • World •Type: Article • Topic: BC general

Useful resources

Got a resource which would help other business continuity managers in the area of testing and exercising, or general resources for business continuity awareness week? Please submit them for publication on this page: email editor@continuitycentral.com

Recent resources that have been submitted:

The benefits that DRaaS brings to disaster recovery testing
Disaster recovery as a service offers many advantages for IT disaster recovery testing says Gabriel Gambill.

Why testing and exercising are essential for an effective business continuity programme: BUT what exactly are you testing or exercising?
Lyndon Bird explains what the difference is between testing and exercising and offers some thoughts for improvements.

Butcher, baker, beer bottle maker: exercising with your supply chain
What are the advantages of running exercises with your critical suppliers? Harriet Wood provides a perspective from the brewing and pub industry.

Ten steps to a great business continuity exercise
James Stevenson, a highly experienced business continuity manager, shares his thoughts on planning and running successful exercises.

Top tips for improving your business continuity exercises
Could you get more out of your business continuity exercises? Do you have an inner concern that last year’s exercise programme didn’t demonstrate as much as you would have liked, or that there may be alternative ways of delivering the exercise that would be more cost effective and less effort?

BCAW events
Monday 16th March

Webinar: Why owning a pair of trainers does not mean you are fit
 Monday 16th March at 11am (GMT)
Presenter: Tracey Linnell, ContinuitySA
More details

Webinar: BCM: A key element in the fight against data breaches
 Monday 16th March at 2pm (GMT)
Presenter: Paige Poore, IBM
More details 

Webinar: RBC Business Continuity Management Program Exercising our Plans
Date/time:  Monday 16th March at 10am EDT
Presenter: Sheri Starkes
More details 

Webinar: Simulating chaos to improve readiness
 Monday 16th March at 4pm (GMT)
Presenters: Kathleen Lucey FBCI, Montague Risk Management & Rob Burton, PreparedEx
More details 

Webinar: Planning and Exercising your Well Laid Plans Versus a Real Life Response
Date/time: Monday 16th March at 11am EDT
Presenter: Tom Shebrek, Walmart
More details

Webinar: Best practices for DR test planning and implementation
 Monday 16th March at 6pm (GMT)
 Paul Kirvan FBCI, Paul Kirvan Associates and Daniel Kuperman, Axcient
More details 

Webinar: How to effectively conduct DR tests using a DRaaS vendor
 Monday 16th March at 8pm (GMT)
Presenters: Paul Kirvan FBCI, Paul Kirvan Associates and Daniel Kuperman, Axcient
More details

Tuesday 17th March

Webinar: Is the test valid without disruption?
Date/time: Tuesday 17th March at 9am (GMT)
Presenters: Russell Cook, SIRE Technology Ltd & Nicky Goringe Larkin, Goringe Accountants
More details

Webinar: Proving the plan versus risking the recovery
 Tuesday 17th March at 11am (GMT)
Presenters: Chris Coulson, David Davies MBCI & Kevin Birch, Phoenix
More details 

Webinar: Managing resiliency and exercising your supply chain and outsourced business
Date/time: Tuesday 17th March at 12.30pm (GMT)
Presenters: Clare Betley DBCI & Helen Scott AMBCI, Capital One
More details

Webinar: Organizational preparedness for active shooter incidents
Date/time: Tuesday 17th March at 2pm (GMT)
Presenters: Suzanne Blake & Stephen Austin MBCI, Witt O'Brien's
More details

Webinar: The case for running unannounced live exercises
 Tuesday 17th March at 4pm (GMT)
Presenter: Robert Clark MBCI, Business Continuity Consultant
More details

Wednesday 18th March


Exercise Design and Development training course

Do you have an inner concern that last year’s exercise programme didn’t demonstrate as much as you would have liked, or that you could get more out of this year’s programme for the same amount of effort?

Corpress has launched an exciting new course, drawing on the partners' combined experience of 20 plus years delivering global programmes for testing and training, which will develop your knowledge and skills in the design and delivery of exercises:

Duration:  1 day               
Location:  UK, Central London           
Date: 18th March 2015
Price: £295 + VAT


Webinar: Testing in the era of Cloud
 Wednesday 18th March at 11am (GMT)
Presenters: Noel Carey MBCI & Tony Perry, IBM
More details

Webinar: Running simulations in the financial services sector
 Wednesday 18th March at 12.30pm (GMT)
Presenters: Anita Blake & Charlotte Thompson, Deloitte UK’s Resilience & Crisis Management Team
More details

Wednesday 18th March (con't)

Webinar: Collaboration is the Key: Creating a Comprehensive Business Continuity Management Program
Date/time:  Wednesday 18th March at 10am EDT 10am - 11am EDT Wednesday, March 18 2015 Submitted by:Seeta on Jan 14, 2015 Description:
Presenter: Lisa Shallow,Eastern Health
More details

Webinar: Dynamic tabletop exercises
 Wednesday 18th March at 3.30pm (GMT)
Presenter: Marie-Hélène Primeau MBCI, Premier Continuum
More details

Webinar: Business continuity plan exercise documentation
Date/time: Wednesday 18th March at 5pm (GMT)
Presenter: Jayne Howe FBCI, The Howe Partnership
More details

Thursday 19th March

Webinar: The 5 common mistakes made in Executive Exercises
 Thursday 19th March at 9am (GMT)
Presenter: Ken Simpson FBCI, The VR Group
More details

Webinar: BCM - A Pathway to Organizational Resilience
 Thursday 19th March at 10am (GMT)
Presenter: Ian Clark FBCI, 4Thought Ltd
More details

Webinar: Design in Resilience at the start, don't rely on Testing at the end
 Thursday 19th March at 11am (GMT)
Presenter: Dr. Martin Jowett, IBM
More details

Webinar: Making crisis simulations matter
 Thursday 19th March at 12.30pm (GMT)
Presenter: Dr. Sara Ulrich CBCI, Deloitte UK
More details

Webinar: Best practice mitigation of supply chain risks
 Thursday 19th March at 2pm (GMT)
Presenter: Courtney Foster, BSI
More details

Webinar: Exercices sur table dynamiques
 Thursday 19th March at 3.30pm (GMT)
Presenter: Marie-Hélène Primeau MBCI, Premier Continuum
More details

Webinar on Geohazard risk assessment tools and their application in Canada: an NRCan perspective
Date/time:: Thursday 19th March at 2.00pm (EDT)
Presenter: Malaika Ulmim, Natural Resources Canada
More details

Friday 20th March

Webinar: From out of your comfort zone into your confidence zone
 Friday 20th March at 11am (GMT)
Presenter: Pete Frielinghaus, ContinuitySA
More details

Webinar: Testing systems for BCP in multi-connected businesses
 Friday 20th March at 12.30pm (GMT)
Presenters: Lucas Gundry & Mark Reed, MSM Software
More details

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