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Business Continuity Awareness Week 2015: how was it for you?

  • As I work in an organisation where IT security is required to be tight, most of the events during the week are inaccessible due to being heavily webinar based. More downloadable papers and presentations would be useful, even if after the event.
  • At the minute there is little output from it that can be used to promote BC especially at the small business end. Why would SME want to take part when there is no appreciable endpoint to it? It doesn't reduce their insurance rates if they take it up, their business rates don't go down. So why be actively interested in something that seems to be aimed at big organisations.
  • BCAW has continued to evolve over the past couple of years and I think this year has been the most successful. Continue to leverage credible hosts for the webinars and consider how you can connect this to the BCI World Conference.
  • BCAW seems aimed at BC professionals rather than the broader organizational community. A BC professional already knows the importance of exercising - it's the rest of the organisation that needs to know it. I find timed release of research and statistics might be more beneficial for BC professionals to share with their organisations.
  • BCI should make the choice of BCAW subjects and promotions more applicable to all staff instead of business continuity centric.
  • Being at in the middle of March, the organisation is looking at the financial year end, at the end of the appraisal period and not a warm time of year. We struggled to get engagement for all these reasons in the past. We have moved our BCAW to June. I would suggest that moving the BCAW beyond April would improve engagement.
  • Better awareness is needed.
  • Clearer Msgs from institute instead of the individual channels of blogs and webinars.
  • Consider running an 'exercise' over the course of the week that participants could engage with in as much or as little effort as time permitted.
  • Doesn't seem to make any significant impact. Needs higher profile, more initiatives and imagination.
  • Greater International engagement especially in Europe. I am based in Ireland and saw nothing promoted locally.
  • Help and tips on ways to interact with colleagues at different levels across the organisation.
  • Honestly, I wasn't aware it was happening and I'm a BC planner. If it were better publicized, and had some high level backing, it could've been an opportunity to get non-BC stakeholders engaged.
  • Improved media campaign during the year leading up to the week.
  • Improved notification and relevance to Southern Hemisphere.
  • It is not always possible to get participation for a full BCAW, perhaps have an event a quarter that would allow some flexibility?
  • It needs to be socialised at an executive level by BC organisations. This is not happening in Australia. 
  • It seems to be the usual BC industry navel gazing exercise. It was 4/5 through before I realised it was happening via social media and it was too late. I saw nothing in the mainstream media at all leading up to it and that's where the real awareness will be generated. There should be a 3 month campaign leading into the week itself to give it some traction.
  • It should be given more focus outside Continuity Central. None of my associates or counterparts were aware of it until I mentioned it to them. 
  • Mid year timescale.
  • More awareness.
  • More awareness. I wasn't even aware that it was Awareness Week. More involvement of organizations. 
  • More indepth analysis of the topics. 
  • More information posted about the theme for the year prior to BCAW.
  • More national media coverage rather than BCM professional channels
  • More promotion.
  • More public awareness in mainstream press / comms etc
  • More specific exercises or activities that can be implemented by people who may not be BCM practitioners as their first role.
  • More specific presentations - lots overlapped on subject matter, were very broad and too bogged down in theory and not practical enough for people to take tangible lessons away.
  • More webinars, more social media presence.
  • Needs National Awareness outside of BC professionals by improved media communication with the general public. This will help to enforce the BC messages and activities promoted by the BC professional within his/her organisation. 
  • Needs to be attractive to a wider audience. Currently seems to be mainly targetted towards education of current practitioners. 
  • Needs to be more widely known, but not commercial.
  • Not just run by the BCI: should be an independent group including the BCI but also including others.
  • Publicity - Timing, too close to end of financial year for many organisations.
  • Since I am located in the U.S., some of the webinars that I was interested in attending were too early, and I will need to go back and listen to them. Maybe the time of webinars can be different.
  • Small, quick ways to reach employees to encourage them to learn who is in charge of their BCP and how they can be involved.
  • Somehow get more communication going to promote BCAW events, make local events more fun for those not directly involved in business continuity activities rather than just informative for business continuity practitioners.
  • Starts at the top- GOV. should sponsor some tv ads, nationwide, of course that takes funding, present as we would- cost of preparedness is much cheaper than wishing you had done it sooner. More advance notice- something like this should be months in planning and INCLUDE appropriate support.
  • Tell people in advance about it and make it so they get involved. I'm involved in Governance and I didn't know about it until the Wednesday so it was too late to promote it locally.
  • The webinars should be streamed: beginners, intermediate, advanced. I attended a couple that really stretched my thinking and a couple that were statements of the obvious (at least for someone of my experience).
  • There are great free resources provided by the BCI during this period, but the webinars vary in terms of usefulness / value / learning. Also whilst theming the week has some benefits, it restricts the topics of webinars.
  • Value add. Look from the receiver's perspective on what will help them.
  • Video streaming of simulations and learnings from disasters and emergencies.
  • Videos centred around the theme.

•Date: 26th March 2015 • World •Type: Article • Topic: BC statistics

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