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crisis communications and management

What does it mean to be a crisis ready organization?
Business Continuity Plans Crisis preparedness is about being ready for the worst at a strategic level. Andrew Griffin details six principles for ensuring that your organization is truly crisis ready.

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Company reputations at risk as social media revolutionizes breaking news
Social media is changing journalism; Jonathan Hemus discusses what this means for business continuity managers.
Seven crisis management tips
Charlie Maclean-Bristol, FBCI, discusses the main lessons learned from three strategic level exercises he conducted recently.

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Corporate emergency communications best practices
A new survey shows that show that businesses that place a high priority on communications during an emergency have much better outcomes.

Crisis Management Survey 2014 results
Steelhenge Consulting has published the results of its Crisis Management Survey 2014: ‘Preparing for Crisis, Safeguarding Your Future’.

Report looks into emergency communications trends
The Business Continuity Institute has published the results of a research project into emergency communications.

Is crisis a failure of governance?
Exploring the interrelationships, linkages and overlaps between governance, risk, continuity and crisis.

Pivotal trends for the future of crisis management thinking
Highlights from the Crisis Management Conference 2014.

Crisis communication wiki and forum launched at IDRC 2014
During the recent 5th International Disaster and Risk Conference (IDRC) in Davos a crisis communication wiki for professionals and an online discussion forum were launched.

New crisis management standard now available
BS 11200:2014 sets out good practice for the provision of an effective crisis management response.

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How the cloud facilitates crisis management
Business continuity information in the cloud holds the key to faster recovery says Matt Gordon-Smith.

EBRP business continuity software

Crisis communications and the CEO
While a CEO shouldn’t hide, it may well be appropriate in the early stages of a crisis to field a more junior spokesperson. By Jim Preen.

Don’t neglect post-crisis evaluation
Once an incident is over it’s tempting for all concerned to forget and move on; however it is essential that a post-crisis evaluation takes place

What makes an effective emergency notification system?
Teon Rosandic gives a vendor’s view of the developments which are improving the capabilities of emergency notification systems and why traditional one-way mass notification is on the way out.

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Choosing a successful crisis management team leader
Crisis leadership Crisis management team leadership requires a combination of natural abilities and learned skills. Ross Ladley looks at the key success factors in the choice of leader.

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How to exercise your crisis management team
Excercise planning Chris MacArthur, CBCP, MBCI, provides practical advice based on his experience in planning exercises for crisis management teams.

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