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Critical infrastructure protection

Critical infrastructure Every organization relies on external critical infrastructure, such as transport, power, telecommunications etc. This section provides news and information about governmental and other measures being taken to protect this infrastructure.

New report: Cyber Security and Critical Infrastructure in the Americas
The General Secretariat of the Organization of American States (OAS) and the Trend Micro have jointly presented a new report ‘Cyber Security and Critical Infrastructure in the Americas,’ which gathers the views of governments and security professionals from key industries, such as communications, finance, manufacturing, energy and security, on cyber vulnerability in the region.
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•Date: 13th April 2015 • Americas •Type: Article

Protecting critical infrastructure from threats
Tony Berning looks at some of the issues that need to be considered when making decisions about security policies for a critical infrastructure facility.
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•Date: 30th March 2015 • World •Type: Article

ENISA issues methodologies for the identification of critical information infrastructure services in communication networks
New study aims to help EU Member States and operators of critical information infrastructure services to protect themselves from future threats and challenges.
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•Date: 24th February 2015 • Europe/UK •Type: Article

Critical infrastructure executives complacent about Internet of Things security
Tripwire, Inc., has published the results of an extensive study conducted by Atomik Research on the security of the ‘Enterprise of Things’ in critical infrastructure industries.
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•Date: 26th January 2015 • US/UK/World •Type: Article

Protecting critical infrastructure against cyber attacks
With attacks on critical infrastructure growing, Oded Gonda discusses the threat to SCADA networks and ICS and how these vital services can be protected.
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•Date: 15th January 2015 • World •Type: Article

Which US cities will become increasingly susceptible to blackouts from hurricanes?
A Johns Hopkins University analysis has looked at how climate change will increase the risk of power outages for various major US metro areas.
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•Date: 16th December 2014 • US •Type: Article

Internet of Things: key challenges
Several roadblocks remain to ensure high-level business continuity.
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•Date: 11th November 2014 • World •Type: Article

National Audit Office issues report into strategic flood risk management in England
The Environment Agency has improved the cost effectiveness and prioritization of its flood risk spending but current spending is insufficient to meet many flood defence maintenance needs.
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•Date: 6th November 2014 • UK •Type: Article

US Army National Guard activates first cyber protection team
The Army National Guard's first cyber protection team received its new shoulder sleeve insignia during a ceremony conducted by US Army Cyber Command/Second Army.
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•Date: 23rd October 2014 • US/World •Type: Article

Research initiative to protect the UK's critical national infrastructure
New research co-funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council will focus on the cyber-security of the UK’s vital industrial control systems.
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•Date: 2nd October 2014 • UK •Type: Article

Designing resilient critical infrastructure
Ten new National Science Foundation projects will investigate how to keep complex, interdependent infrastructure available.
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•Date: 1st October 2014 • US •Type: Article

Internet of Things security must be fixed for the long term: Beecham report
The potential damage to businesses and national critical infrastructure from a successful attack on cyber-physical systems through the rapidly emerging Internet of Things (IoT), cannot be underestimated, according to a new study by Beecham Research.
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•Date: 11th September 2014 • UK/World •Type: Article

Researchers look into improving the availability of complex systems by better understanding inter-dependencies
A new study relies on a complex systems modelling approach to analyse inter-dependent networks and improve their reliability in the event of failure.
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•Date: 2nd September 2014 • Europe/World •Type: Article

UK government transport resilience review published
The results of a government led enquiry into the resiliency of the UK’s critical transport infrastructure have been made available.
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•Date: 23rd July 2014 • UK •Type: Article

FBI Director sets out critical infrastructure challenges
In a speech at the WMD Directorate/Interpol International Law Enforcement Critical Infrastructure Symposium, FBI Director James B. Comey has given his views on the critical infrastructure challenges facing the US.
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•Date: 15th July 2014 • US •Type: Article

Critical infrastructure in England is 'ill-prepared' for emerging climate related threats
According to a new report from the Government’s Adaptation Sub-Committee of the Committee on Climate Change.
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•Date: 9th July 2014 • UK •Type: Article

National Grid takes steps to protect UK power supplies during 2014 – 2019 supply dip
In its 2013 Electricity Capacity Assessment Report Ofgem identified significant risks to the UK power network during the winters of 2014-2015 through to 2018-2019. To address these risks, caused by a reduction in UK power generation capacity, National Grid has announced that it is to contract for new balancing services.
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•Date: 11th June 2014 • UK •Type: Article

European Commission proposes new energy security strategy
European Energy Security Strategy builds on the progress already achieved since the gas crisis in 2009.
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•Date: 29th May 2014 • Europe/UK •Type: Article

Is enough being done to keep UK critical infrastructure secure?
Duncan Fisken asks whether critical infrastructure interdependencies are being effectively addressed.
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•Date: 15th May 2014 • UK •Type: Article

US port and military community template for national or large scale crisis discussed
The uninterrupted operation of America's 513 ports and 136 military installations is essential to America's economy and resiliency.
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•Date: 31st March 2014 • US •Type: Article

Plotting the way forward for protecting UK critical infrastructure against cyber threats
Sector regulators, government ministers and senior officials meet to discuss how to address cyber threats to UK critical infrastructure.
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•Date: 10th February 2014 • UK •Type: Article

European bodies advance new measures to help protect critical space-based infrastructure
Space infrastructure is increasingly threatened by collision risks due to the growing population of satellites and the amount of space debris.
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•Date: 7th February 2014 • Europe •Type: Article

Europe agrees processes for the management of multinational cyber-crises
Standard operational procedures to manage multinational cyber-crises finalised by EU, EFTA Member States and ENISA.
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•Date: 5th February 2014 • Europe/UK •Type: Article

Mitigating attacks on industrial control systems: ENISA releases new guidance
The EU’s cyber security agency, ENISA, has provided a new manual for better mitigating attacks on industrial control systems, supporting industrial processes primarily in the area of critical information infrastructure.
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•Date: 4th December 2013 • Europe/ UK •Type: Article

Researchers look into removing the Internet’s dependency on servers
Pursuit concept would make the Internet more resilient.
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•Date: 1st November 2013 • World •Type: Article

NIST releases Preliminary Cybersecurity Framework
The US Department of Commerce's National Institute of Standards and Technology has released its Preliminary Cybersecurity Framework to help critical infrastructure owners and operators reduce cybersecurity risks in industries such as power generation, transportation and telecommunications.
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•Date: 23rd October 2013 • US •Type: Article

‘Securing Power, Utilities, and Other Critical Infrastructure from Growing Cyber Risks’
US critical infrastructure operators are coming under increased pressure to protect their vital systems and assets from outside cyber threats as the number of attacks increase and stronger regulations are imposed, Marsh says in a new report.
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•Date: 23rd October 2013 • US •Type: Article

Royal Academy of Engineering report highlights emerging UK power supply risks
Security of supply may be threatened by the winter of 2015/2016.
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•Date: 18th October 2013 • UK •Type: Article

Increasing fragility of power supply security means that end users should not expect the future continuity of supply to be guaranteed
According to a Marsh European Power Practice consultant.
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•Date: 11th October 2013 • World •Type: Article

‘Climate change will lead to dramatic escalation of disasters’ says UNISDR
Governments need to step up the on-going efforts to ensure that critical infrastructures are protected against extreme weather events.
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•Date: 3rd October 2013 • World •Type: Article

Interdependency planning crucial for critical infrastructure protection
Government policy-making must factor in the interdependencies between transport, energy, water, waste and ICT networks if the UK is to have infrastructure that meets the challenges of the 21st century, according to Engineering the Future (EtF) – an alliance of leading engineering bodies.
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•Date: 17th July 2013 • UK •Type: Article

BUCOPCI project releases business continuity guidelines
The results of the BUCOPCI (BUsiness COntinuity Planning for Critical Infrastructure) project are now available for download from the BUCOPCI website.
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•Date: 10th July 2013 • Europe/ UK •Type: Article

European Parliament passes new cyber attack legislation
Includes new penalties for attacks on critical infrastructure.
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•Date: 5th July 2013 • Europe/UK •Type: Article

NIST releases draft outline of Cybersecurity Framework for Critical Infrastructure
Private-sector comments requested.
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•Date: 4th July 2013 • US •Type: Article

Ofgem report discusses UK energy related risks
The probability of a supply disruption increases from 1 in 47 years now to around 1 in 12 years for 2015/16.
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•Date: 3rd July 2013 • UK •Type: Article

‘A Stronger, More Resilient New York’
On June 11, Mayor Michael Bloomberg publically launched a comprehensive plan to increase the resilience of New York’s critical infrastructure, buildings and communities.
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•Date: 13th June 2013 • US •Type: Article

FFIEC forms Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure Working Group
Working group to “promote coordination across the federal and state banking regulatory agencies on critical infrastructure and cybersecurity issues.”
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•Date: 7th June 2013 • US •Type: Article

NIST publishes initial analysis of Cybersecurity Framework for Critical Infrastructure comments
The US National Institute of Standards and Technology has posted an initial analysis of hundreds of comments submitted by industry and the public related to President Obama's ‘Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity Executive Order.'
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•Date: 22nd May 2013 • US •Type: Article

Protecting networked control systems from cyber-attack
Researchers from North Carolina State University have developed a software algorithm that detects and isolates cyber-attacks on networked control systems.
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•Date: 15th May 2013 • US/World •Type: Article

Critical infrastructure providers need to consider smart meters attack risks
Smart meters set to increase the risk of wireless attacks aimed at SCADA, BMS and PLC systems using SDR equipment.
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•Date: 23rd April 2013 • UK/World •Type: Article

Department of Homeland Security outlines Fiscal Year 2014 budget request
US Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano has unveiled the Department of Homeland Security’s fiscal year 2014 budget request of $39.0 billion in net discretionary funding.
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•Date: 11th April 2013 • US •Type: Article

NIST seeks input for Cybersecurity Framework for Critical Infrastructure
US National Institute of Standards and Technology seeks cybersecurity views and ideas.
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•Date: 5th March 2013 • US •Type: Article

New Presidential Policy Directive aims at improving the security of US critical infrastructure
PPD-21: Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience.
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•Date: 14th Feb 2013 • US •Type: Article

United Nations GAR13 report expected to drive ‘a paradigm shift’ in business continuity planning
Latest United Nations Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction report aims to encourage businesses to fully integrate business continuity as a core business discipline.
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•Date: 14th Feb 2013 • World •Type: Article

Critical infrastructure protection: understanding the need to boost security defences in the UK energy sector
Calum MacLeod explains why there is a pressing need to implement robust encryption key and digital certificate management on national energy grids.
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•Date: 31st Jan 2013 • UK •Type: Article

EU project aims to produce transport-sector business continuity guidance by July 2013
The 612,000 euro BUCOPCI project is being coordinated by Isdefe (Systems Engineering for the Defence of Spain).
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•Date: 23rd Jan 2013 • Europe •Type: Article

By 2016 public cloud infrastructure will be a mandated aspect of critical national infrastructure in the United States
According to Gartner predictions.
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•Date: 23rd Jan 2013 • US •Type: Article

ENISA releases first annual report of major cyber incidents in the EU
51 severe outages reported over 2011.
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•Date: 16th Oct 2012 • Europe/UK •Type: Article

US National Governors Association launches Resource Center for State Cybersecurity
Project will examine the role state policy can and should play in ensuring adequate cybersecurity for state-owned and state-based infrastructure.
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•Date: 4th Oct 2012 • US •Type: Article

US National Science Foundation invests $50 million in research to secure cyberspace
Grant awards aim to improve the resilience of operating systems, software, hardware and critical infrastructure.
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•Date: 2nd Oct 2012 • US •Type: Article

National infrastructure protection: emerging technologies
The UK Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) has published a document which aims to start discussions on emerging technologies that are likely to impact on cyber security.
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•Date: 24th July 2012 • UK •Type: Article

US experts make predictions about future homeland security threats
Cyber-based critical infrastructure attacks seen as top threat.
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•Date: 12th July 2012 • US •Type: Article

Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee chairman urges floor vote on cybersecurity legislation
Urgent action is required to protect US national and economic security.
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•Date: 14th June 2012 • US •Type: Article

US Senate committee leaders introduce cyber-security legislation
Lieberman, Collins, Rockefeller and Feinstein introduce bipartisan, Bill to secure Fed and critical private sector cyber systems.
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•Date: 15th February 2012 • US •Type: Article

European Parliament committee backs plan to strengthen EU defences against cyber-attacks
A draft law to strengthen the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) has been approved by European Parliament Industry, Research and Energy Committee MEPs.
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•Date: 8th February 2012 • Europe/UK •Type: Article

Ability of G20 Nations to withstand cyber attacks benchmarked
A benchmarking study has found that the United Kingdom and the United States lead the rest of the G20 countries in their ability to withstand cyber attacks.
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•Date: 17th January 2012 • Various •Type: Article

Comment on the UK Cyber Security Strategy
Amichai Shulman gives some personal reflections on the new Cyber Security Strategy’s strengths and weaknesses.
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•Date: 2nd December 2011 • Region: UK •Type: Article

The UK Cyber Security Strategy
The UK government has set out a roadmap for improving the UK cyber security through to 2015.
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•Date: 29th November 2011 • Region: UK •Type: Article

Cyprus and Luxembourg failing in protection of critical infrastructure
Two EU countries do not live up to European standards in identifying their critical infrastructure, says the European Commission.
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•Date: 25th November 2011 • Region: Europe •Type: Article

Critical infrastructure providers surveyed
Private sector providers are less aware and engaged in government critical infrastructure protection programs than they were in 2010.
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•Date: 3rd November 2011 • Region: World •Type: Article

UK Cabinet Office publishes new guidance on critical infrastructure resiliency
Includes sections on resiliency planning and business continuity management.
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•Date: 25th October 2011 • Region: UK •Type: Article

‘Cooperative Models for Effective Public Private Partnerships’
A new guide with 36 recommendations for building effective public and private partnerships for resilient IT security has been launched by ENISA.
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•Date: 11th October 2011 • Region: Europe/UK •Type: Article

Private sector is endangering national cyber security: UK report
The UK's critical national infrastructure is at huge risk of attack and the companies that own it must take greater responsibility in securing their systems.
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•Date: 16th September 2011 • Region: UK/World •Type: Article

US power outage illustrates wider critical infrastructure threats
If a single employee’s mistake, with just one piece equipment, can have such a devastating consequence on what is national critical infrastructure, then what does this tell us about security, change management, and of course, business continuity? By Professor John Walker.
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•Date: 13th Sept 2011 • Region: US/World •Type: Article

Critical infrastructure: time to begin anticipating and adapting to climate change
Despite the uncertainties surrounding climate change, it is time to start developing effective strategies that will keep critical infrastructure running in the face of the adverse impacts that seem increasingly likely to occur.

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•Date: 23rd August 2011 • Region: US •Type: Article

GAO reports on critical infrastructure protection and cybersecurity
‘Cybersecurity: Continued Attention Needed to Protect Our Nation's Critical Infrastructure’: GAO-11-865T.

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•Date: 27th July 2011 • Region: US •Type: Article

‘Understanding the Risks, Empowering Communities, Building Resilience: National flood and coastal erosion risk management strategy for England’
New document provides a summary of the national flood and coastal erosion risk management strategy.

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•Date: 21st July 2011 • Region: UK •Type: Article

DOD details how the US military will operate in cyberspace
Military to take an active role in protecting US organizations and critical infrastructure from cyberattacks.

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•Date: 15th July 2011 • Region: US •Type: Article

Protecting the UK’s smart grids
Future critical infrastructure threats addresses in Energy Networks Association report.

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•Date: 1st July 2011 • Region: UK •Type: Article

‘Active self-defense strategy’ is the best deterrent against cyber-attacks
Law professor Jay P. Kesan warns that an active self-defense regime is a necessity in cyberspace, especially to protect critical infrastructure.

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•Date: 29th June 2011 • Region: US •Type: Article

Final version of industrial control systems security guide published by NIST
Provides specific guidance on how to reduce the vulnerability of critical infrastructure to malicious attacks, equipment failures, and other threats to the operation and reliable performance of underpinning control systems.

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•Date: 22nd June 2011 • Region: US/World •Type: Article

Energy security risks mapped
France, Germany, Italy, Japan, UK and USA rated ‘high risk’ for short-term energy security – Canada most secure: Maplecroft report.

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•Date: 3rd June 2011 • Region: World •Type: Article

National Risk Management preparedness: guidelines for critical information infrastructure governance
‘ENISA ad hoc Working Group on National Risk Management Preparedness: Consolidated Report.’

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•Date: 20th May 2011 • Region: UK/Europe •Type: Article

New approach to UK flood protection could leave critical infrastructure vulnerable
Warning issued by the Institution of Civil Engineers.

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•Date: 19th May 2011 • Region: UK •Type: Article

New report looks at Internet resilience
‘Inter‐X: Resilience of the Internet Interconnection Ecosystem’ looks at current and future resiliency risks and possible solutions.

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•Date: 5th May 2011 • Region: Europe / UK •Type: Article

Implementation of US National Terrorism Advisory System announced
Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano has announced the implementation of the Department of Homeland Security’s National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS).
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•Date: 21st April 2011 • Region: US •Type: Article

Presidential Policy Directive gives 60-day deadline for US national preparedness goal and national preparedness system implementation plan
President Obama has signed a new Presidential Policy Directive: PPD-8.

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•Date: 20th April 2011 • Region: US •Type: Article

Volcanic ash disruption: one year on and European Commission issues crisis preparedness update
Highlights measures taken to prepare for a similar event in future.
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•Date: 13th April 2011 • Region: UK/Europe •Type: Article

US and UK discuss global supply chain security
Secretary Napolitano has continued to progress the DHS global supply chain security initiative.
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•Date: 1st Feb 2011 • Region: US/UK •Type: Article

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