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Cloud computing

Question everything: considerations to raise with your cloud service provider
Business Continuity What information do you need to obtain from your cloud provider when it comes to the protection of business-critical data? Stephen Coty provides a list of questions that should be asked.

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Colocation doesn’t have to be an either-or decision where cloud is concerned
Lilac Schoenbeck explains why organizations shouldn’t be pressured into choosing between colocation and cloud.
100 percent availability SLAs don't always add up
Cloud service providers who over-promise when it comes to availability levels are putting customers at risk and risking the reputation of the industry as a whole, says Oscar Arean.

Security for Cloud Computing: 10 Steps to Ensure Success
The Cloud Standards Customer Council has released version two of its guide to cloud security.

Perceived risks still hold back UK businesses from using cloud computing services
Top concerns are data theft or loss and reliable access to online services.

Cloud adoption and risks
Hundreds of high risk cloud applications are commonly used across North American and European organizations: survey report.

Reliability, uptime and availability are driving demand for cloud adoption
According to the Cloud Infrastructure Services Survey.

SaaS deployments are now mission critical
According to a Gartner survey.

Research report looks at cloud growth and risks
Gigaom Research and CipherCloud have announced the results of their new ‘Shadow IT: Data Protection and Cloud Security’ study.

CompTIA's Fifth Annual Trends in Cloud Computing study
Study finds that 48 percent of organizations surveyed are using the cloud for business continuity and disaster recovery.

Security ‘misconceptions’ shattered as cloud adoption rises
As organizations gain experience in cloud usage, security worries about the cloud reduce: Databarracks’ fifth annual Data Health Check report.

The top 10 cloud myths
Cloud computing is uniquely susceptible to the perils of myths due to the nature, confusion and hype surrounding it, according to Gartner, Inc.

Hybrid cloud is the future for most organizations
Survey finds that the majority of organizations are building a hybrid cloud for their data requirements.

Security concerns hold back the cloud recovery market
A new survey-based study conducted by IDG Research Services has looked at the cloud recovery market, amongst other areas.

Cloud Usage: Risks and Opportunities
A survey report by the Cloud Security Alliance finds that many organizations do now know how many cloud apps exist in their business environment.

IBM takes cloud-based business continuity services to a new level
IBM has announced the opening of its new Cloud Resiliency Center in Research Triangle Park (RTP), North Carolina.

Cloud Industry Forum research shows that cloud fears are over stated
User experiences show that the cloud is more secure than it is often perceived to be.

Microsoft Azure service availability sees an 800 percent increase in service interruption in Q2
Despite a reduction in the number of incidents, Microsoft Azure downtime increased exponentially in Q2 2014.

Cloud challenges explored
New independent analyst research commissioned by iland looks at the issues facing public cloud business use.

New EU guidelines aim to help businesses manage the availability of cloud services through SLAs
Cloud Service Level Agreement Standardisation Guidelines have been developed as part of the European Commission’s strategy to increase trust in cloud services.

New ‘Cloud Fabric’ infrastructure layer will add another option for business continuity strategies
Zerto has announced a strategy to create a new infrastructure layer called ‘Cloud Fabric’ which allows organizations to seamlessly move and protect virtualized workloads between public, private and hybrid clouds across leading hypervisors and cloud providers.

Downtime and AWS
Which are the most and least stable regions for hosting cloud services with Amazon Web Services?

UK government issues cloud security guidance
Guidance aims to assist organizations consider the security features of cloud services they wish to use.

Spring 2014 Cloud Security Report
Research finds that attacks on cloud environments are increasing.

Cost savings and disaster recovery driving cloud adoption
Europe less conservative than US for cloud adoption; only 11 percent see organizational resistance to cloud uptake in Europe compared with 53 percent in the US.

Many organizations facing cloud downtime challenges
‘2014 state of public cloud disaster recovery’ report looks at cloud availability and other issues.

Four steps for minimising cloud deployment risks
Companies are no longer tolerant of security-and-compliance teams telling them they cannot go to the cloud: instead risk teams must learn how to adapt to the cloud environment.

How to implement incident reporting in cloud computing…
A new ENISA report provides advice on how to implement incident reporting in cloud computing.

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Strategies for protecting SQL Server in the cloud
SQL Server is a business critical application that requires high availability protection, regardless of where it is deployed. However, traditional solutions may not be practical or even possible in the cloud.

The cloud in 2015
Steven Harrison predicts how business use of cloud computing will develop and change during the next 12 months.

Five myths about cloud HA and DR
Jerry Melnick debunks what he says are five cloud high availability and disaster recovery myths.

Taking control of your cloud
Organizations need to know where their cloud services are hosted for disaster recovery and data protection purposes.
By Lilac Schoenbeck.

Implementing a cloud disaster recovery solution: strategies and considerations
What should you consider before using the cloud for disaster recovery? Martin Welsh and Patricia Palacio provide some guidance.

How protected are your cloud assets?
Cloud deployment is significantly increasing security and compliance risk because security solutions have not kept up, says Mark Kraynak.

Overcoming data residency issues
Dave Anderson looks at how organizations can overcome a common barrier to cloud computing adoption.

Cloud contingencies…
Worried about outages and vendor shutdowns? Nicos Vekiarides provides some business continuity advice for such scenarios.

Updating data compliance for the cloud era
A disconnect exists between current technology practices and outdated regulations: change is required to provide policies that support, rather than restrict, steps towards enterprise availability.

Amazon Web Services issues highlight the risk of putting all your eggs in the cloud basket
Three lessons for business continuity managers which arise from the recent downtime incident which affected AWS.

Protecting cloud storage and big data systems
A combination of replication and erasure coding is the future for data protection in cloud storage and big data systems says Paul Carpentier.

How virtual desktops help put employees at the heart of business continuity plans
With advances in technology, businesses now have alternative ways to keep day-to-day activity running when employees can’t make it into their offices.

A guide to negotiating and assuring cloud services
There is a confusing jungle of advice on the risks of cloud computing and how to manage these risks. This guide provides the top tips to negotiating and assuring cloud services. By Mike Small.

Choosing a cloud backup service
The top five things to consider. By Greg Onoprijenko.

‘Seeding and feeding’ for hybrid cloud backup
Tips for using seeding and feeding to reduce the bandwidth costs associated with hybrid cloud backup.

Managing the risks associated with cloud computing
Using a cloud service means moving from a ‘hands on’ management model to one of indirect governance. How can an organization use an indirect governance to assure trust in the service provided?

The pros and cons of cloud storage
A checklist to help organizations examine the cloud storage market.

How to address the challenge of recovering hybrid environments
Advice from SunGard Availability Services.

Doyenz: the risks of using the cloud for business continuity come home to roost
The cloud undoubtedly brings many advantages as a business continuity or disaster recovery strategy; but supplier risk must be properly considered before entering into any contract.

Adopting cloud in your backup strategy
It makes sense, but you need to do your homework first says Sasha Malic.

Cloud computing’s deadly sin…
Moving to the cloud may outsource the provision of the IT service, but it does not outsource the organization’s responsibilities.

Developing an effective resiliency capability within a cloud design
This white paper discusses important considerations for effective resiliency program management within a cloud design.

Choosing a cloud backup and disaster recovery solution: ten questions to ask
Tips from Cloud Nation.

How to get your board to approve your cloud plans
It seems that board-level executives are not as keen as their IT professionals on the adoption of cloud computing according to no less than three new reports.

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Using good governance to control cloud risks
Cloud computing checklist Mike Small, CEng, FBCS, CITP, explains how to go about identifying the risks that cloud usage presents and provides a helpful and thought-provoking checklist of ten questions which you should ask your cloud provider.

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