Are business continuity and information security converging?

Are business continuity and information security converging?Last year Continuity Central published the results of a survey looking at whether the increasing focus on information security is having an effect on the traditional demarcation lines between business continuity and information security management. We are now repeating that survey to monitor how things have developed.

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When enterprises need a hardware bridge to their cloud-based systems to ensure business as usual

Joachim SturmhoefelWith a surprisingly large number of software vendors choosing to protect licensing with physical authentication dongles, Joachim Sturmhoefel looks at how organizations can bridge the gap between new agile cloud systems and the necessary hardware to maintain business as usual.

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Preparing for hurricane season and other severe weather events

Andy BrysonFor many organizations severe weather is the biggest potential cause of major disruption. While damage may be unavoidable during a severe weather incident, there are many steps that can be taken to enhance resilience. Andy Bryson provides some useful checklists…

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How to remain in control of a crisis: however strange the cause

Jen HorsmanOccasionally a business will be hit by an incident so unusual that it would have been almost impossible to predict. Jen Horsman uses the case of Italian restaurant chain Zizzi, which was impacted by the Salisbury nerve agent attack, to show how preparations can still be made.

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