Business continuity and disaster recovery planning for SQL Server

Business continuity and disaster recovery planning for SQL ServerThis article by Dave Bermingham provides some practical guidance to help system and database administrators tasked with creating business continuity and disaster recovery plans.

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Adaptive, antifragile, resilient, or just trying to be compliant?

Geary W. SikichIn a wide-ranging article, Geary W. Sikich enters the debate about the future of the risk assessment and the business impact analysis and pulls various threads together to conclude that targeted flexibility is the basis of the art of being prepared.

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Using the power of imagination to improve personal resilience during challenging situations

Dominic IrvineWhile for many organizations major incidents are relatively rare events, when they occur they create personal as well as organizational resilience challenges. Dominic Irvine looks at how using the power of imagination can help…

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Flash-to-Flash-to-Cloud is on the way to becoming the standard solution for backup

Peter GaddThe traditional ‘Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape’ (D2D2T) backup model is no longer adequate for always-on enterprises requiring rapid restore data and is being replaced by Flash-to-Flash-to-Cloud (F2F2C) says Peter Gadd…

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