Business continuity resources

business continuity resources

ISO 22361:2022 - Crisis Management Guidelines: a closer look

Hilary EstallIn November 2022 ISO released a new guidance standard, ISO 22361:2022, to provide a structured approach to crisis management. In this article Hilary Estall MBCI, IRCA BCMS Principal Auditor reviews ISO 22361 and picks out the key points.

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Business continuity basics: how to plan and carry out exercises

business continuity exercisesBusiness continuity plans and strategies require the involvement of many different members of your organization, but to be effective during a crisis, these individuals need to have practiced their roles.

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How good is ChatGPT at answering questions about BC and resilience?

How good is ChatGPT at answering questions about business continuity and resilience?ChatGPT has never been far from the headlines over the past few months. At Continuity Central we thought it would be interesting to ask it some of the common questions we get asked about business continuity and resilience. See what you think of the answers…

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All our business continuity listings in date order

Five tips for improving organizational resilience
Draft of new NFPA 1660 business continuity and emergency management standard available for review
IIROC provides details of its 2021 business continuity planning test for regulated organizations
Closing the gap between cyber security and business continuity management
Global study provides a snapshot of risk and compliance programs around the world
The winners of the BCI Middle East Awards 2021
The limitations of e-learning in business continuity and resilience training and how microsimulations can help
Assessment report looking at business continuity planning in financial market infrastructures published
Amazon S3 launches business continuity and disaster recovery digital course
Revising your business continuity strategies in response to the rising trend of working anywhere
BC Management publishes the 12th Edition of its BCM Trends Report
Kaseya: a crisis communications case study
2022 DRI Awards of Excellence open for entries
Recovery planning guidance for credit unions published by regulator
Machine failures result in 27 hours average downtime per month for industrials
A review of the new ISO 22332 business continuity plans and procedures guidelines standard
Winners announced for the BCI APAC Awards 2021
Still trying to manage business continuity or risk using spreadsheets? It’s time to move on…
Pandemic response: the Impact of COVID-19 on Workplace Collaboration Survey
CIR announces shortlist for 2021 Business Continuity Awards

Getting started with the business impact analysis

This resource explores what the business impact analysis (BIA) is, how to get started, and provides access to an easy to use BIA and Risk Assessment Worksheet to carry out your first business impact analysis or to improve existing BIAs.

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The Business Continuity Business Case Template

Business continuity is much more than making plans to deal with disasters and disruptions. It’s an integral part of a broader resilience effort - not just during a crisis, but continuously, through all the ups and downs of normal operations.

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A guide to writing a business continuity plan

In an article aimed at providing assistance to those starting out in business continuity, CMAC overviews the basics of business continuity and offers a useful framework for writing your first business continuity plan.

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Business continuity?

Business continuity can be defined as 'the processes, procedures, decisions and activities to ensure that an organization can continue to function through an operational interruption'. Read more about the basics of business continuity here.

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