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default Accounting for multiple crises: how businesses can mitigate the effects of COVID-19 and concurrent natural disasters Popular

By 1037 downloads

Although COVID-19 is, understandably, the focus for most businesses, the disruption caused by the virus will not cause the threat from other hazards, such as natural disasters, to disappear. Erika Weisbrod looks at how COVID-19 may impact the response to natural disasters and highlights some areas that organizations need to consider.

default Building organizational resilience Popular

By 606 downloads

Drawing on the work of Collins and Porras, which was published in their book ‘Built to Last’, Alberto G. Alexander explains that organizational resilience does not start with establishing and implementing a specific management system; instead, it is the outcome of a clear set of organizational characteristics.

default Building resilience and security for long-term remote working Popular

By 747 downloads

For many organizations, remote working is moving from being a reactive response to the business continuity requirements generated by the COVID-19 pandemic to being a long-term business policy. As organizations take this step, resilience and security issues need to be addressed with a sustainable strategy, as Steve Dance and Andrew Lawton explain…

default Building trust in a digital world to support business resilience Popular

By 2436 downloads

Trust is an important intangible asset which has a huge impact on the success, or even on the survival, of your organization. Debbie Daly looks at how to protect and build trust into today’s environment.

default Business continuity and resilience: a continuing conversation Popular

By 3267 downloads

Is resilience really the next big step forward for the business continuity profession? Betty A. Kildow, FBCI, CBCP, attempts to separate the hype from the reality when it comes to this controversial subject.

default Climate change, business continuity and long term organizational resilience Popular

By 1878 downloads

In this paper, Len Johnson, looks at climate change in the context of business continuity and organizational resilience and explains how you can group impact scenarios into three key areas to help focus your planning.

default Common trends and weaknesses in crisis preparedness and business resilience Popular

By 2364 downloads

Victoria Cross, managing partner, Instinctif Partners’ Business Resilience team, discusses the top trends which have emerged from the company’s CrisisOptic and RecallOptic online diagnostic and benchmarking tools over the past year.

default Exercising and resilience: fit for purpose? Popular

By 3245 downloads

By Ken Simpson.

Are you looking to build a high-performing team? Where each member understands their role, and how they fit with other team members’ roles? A team that can execute on the prepared game plan - while at the same time has the capability to improvise as the situation warrants?

That description might be something your business continuity, incident response and/or crisis management teams aspire to - or it may be just as appropriate a goal for your ‘business as usual (BAU)’ functional teams. In any case it applies to teams that seek to compete in elite level sports and perhaps we can learn something about how to prepare teams from the methods used in the sporting domain.

The nature of training and preparation changes as players and teams move from the participation and social levels of sport into elite competitions. Basic drills, sloppy execution and general fitness regimes are replaced with targeted training programs - building high-level skills, disciplined execution and embedding team concepts.

Similarly, as we seek to advance our professional practices beyond the legacy domains of business continuity and into the wider domain of resilience, then we need to change the way we think about and develop our teams. We need to ensure that our training and development programmes move beyond a basic exercise. We need approaches that are fit for our new purpose as an elite management response team.

Resilience, like performance in elite sports, is built in practice sessions and on the training field. It requires that we have established an appropriate training regime and embedded a culture that recognises the benefits gained from disciplined training and practice.

default Getting started with operational resilience Popular

By 919 downloads

Many organizations are currently starting to move towards operational resilience. In this article Patrick Potter looks at what operational resilience is, how it differs from business continuity, and the initial steps that organizations should take to implement it.

default Helping employees after an incident: traumatic stress reactions – looking under the surface Popular

By 2266 downloads

Business as usual does not commence once an incident is over and business processes are running normally: the impacts on employees may just be starting. Dr Liz Royle provides some guidance on this difficult area…

default How can insights into the operation of culture enhance organizational resilience? Popular

By 3352 downloads

Andrew MacLeod argues that insights into, and more importantly understanding of, an organization’s culture help to ascertain the risk appetite of an organization and can therefore be used to enhance organizational resilience. For an organization to truly enhance its resilience it needs to embed a culture of resilience at every level.

default Identifying and implementing strategies to increase organizational resilience Popular

By 314 downloads

In this article Lynnda M. Nelson Looks at how to design and implement an organizational resilience strategic initiative, innovating your organization for today and for the future.

default Is your organizational leadership resilient or ‘de-resilient’? Popular

By 3086 downloads

Leadership management buzz: everywhere you look there are great articles and information on leadership and management. But is yours resilient or ‘de-resilient’? Paul Kudray challenges you to find out…

default Lessons observed, or lessons learned? Popular

By 3252 downloads

One of the great risks to business operations today comes from complex global supply chains. Do we actually learn from events and improve our practice, or simply observe and then cite the event as evidence to reinforce our existing practices?

default Make resilience your 2015 resolution Popular

By 3240 downloads

As one of the goals for the New Year, companies should take stock of how resilient they are, and take steps to improve their ability to prevent disasters, and to recover should one occur.

default Making the case for ‘herd resilience’ Popular

By 3225 downloads

Matt Hodges-Long explains how the concept of herd immunity can be translated to the business arena and how the resulting herd resilience could bring benefits for business continuity and resiliency.

default Measurement: the next big resilience challenge? Popular

By 3078 downloads

Robin Gaddum looks at the ‘capabilities and capacity’ aspect of organizational resilience and explains why dynamic measurement is an essential requirement.

default Operational resilience: a guide to impact tolerance Popular

By 293 downloads

Considering, defining, and building consensus around impact tolerances is a vital aspect of operational resilience. This guide, the Impact Tolerance Builder, provides a framework for developing impact tolerances…

default Organizational resilience and business continuity: bringing clarity to a confused profession Popular

By 2996 downloads

By John Robinson, FBCI. Resilience is very much a hot topic in the business continuity profession, but there seems to be very little agreement about what we mean by resilience; where it sits in relation to business continuity management; and what its scope should be. This article aims at bringing some clarity...

default Organizational resilience: grasping the vision Popular

By 183 downloads

Organizational resilience has been around for a decade or more as a specific management discipline, but it has yet to gain traction in many organizations. This article explores what organizational resilience is and why it is worth taking another look at.

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