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default Boosting Kubernetes disaster recovery Popular

By 396 downloads

Kubernetes is an open-source system for containerized applications. It offers various disaster recovery capabilities including automated rollbacks and self-healing but reliance on inbuilt options is not enough, as Faiz Khan explains…

default Cloud encryption: balancing security and functionality needs Popular

By 2152 downloads

Anurag Kahol examines the problems faced by cloud encryption solutions and discusses how to achieve data protection without sacrificing cloud app functionality.

default Cloud resilience: a collaboration Popular

By 774 downloads

This article arose out of conversations during the BCI’s Education Month, where a number of business continuity professionals decided to work together on a document exploring various aspects of cloud resilience. Continuity Central was approached to host the article so that it could reach a wider audience; and we are happy to do so.

default Colocation doesn’t have to be an either-or decision where cloud is concerned Popular

By 2831 downloads

Enterprises shouldn’t have to choose colocation or cloud: it is about making sure that colocation and cloud services coexist so that IT can evolve.

default Cyber security in the cloud: are you ‘flying blind’? Popular

By 1445 downloads

Bitglass recently published a survey revealing that IT and cybersecurity professionals are continuing to struggle with visibility and data protection in the cloud. Whilst IT and security professionals acknowledge the shortcomings of traditional security tools for the cloud, many have yet to fill these gaps with effective cloud-focused security tools. Steve Armstrong explores the issue.

default Embedding resilience into your cloud-based modernisation strategy Popular

By 1036 downloads

As part of strategies to transform and modernise organizations are increasingly adopting cloud-first strategies. This provides an ideal opportunity to embed resilience. In this article John Young looks at the requirement to make three core components of modernisation more resilient: people, applications and IT.

default For disaster recovery, there are better options than secondary data centers Popular

By 1328 downloads

Disaster recovery is a headache that every IT department has suffered and in this arena, as in so many others, the cloud offers a better choice, says Laz Vekiarides. In fact, not only is a secondary data center for DR no longer needed, it’s actually no longer a sustainable option...

default Four tips on how to stay resilient when migrating to hybrid multicloud Popular

By 734 downloads

Many organizations are turning to hybrid multicloud environments to help ensure that resilience is maintained and enhanced in this period of accelerated digital transformation. Andrea Sayles highlights four areas that organizations need to consider in their migration to hybrid multicloud.

default How to add a resiliency-in-layers approach to your business cloud strategy Popular

By 2117 downloads

As cloud becomes a mainstream part of organizational infrastructure, any failure of the cloud service becomes a business continuity issue. Rob Strechay provides a summary of the impacts of cloud downtime and what organizations can do to prepare for it; calling for a ‘resiliency-in-layers’ approach.

default Just how protected is data in Office 365? Popular

By 2820 downloads

The risk of downtime is intrinsically reduced with Office 365, meaning that it can be tempting to believe that the disaster recovery job is done. However, this is far from the case, as Stefan Schachinger explains.

default Making the cloud security experience as safe and secure as possible Popular

By 1979 downloads

Cloud security is an on-going headache for IT many organizations, with difficulties getting the same level of visibility into cloud-based workloads as they have on their physical network. Andrew Lintell explores the issue and points to the way forward.

default Multi cloud migration: protecting your cloud investment, and prioritizing your security needs Popular

By 2337 downloads

Multi-cloud adoption is now the recommended approach for cloud availability. Oliver Pinson-Roxburgh providers some pointers for those who are just starting to consider this option.

default Options for fully and quickly recovering from a major Azure cloud outage Popular

By 1295 downloads

Jonathan Meltzer examines four different options for ensuring application-level continuity through high availability and disaster recovery provisions in a hybrid or exclusively Azure cloud environment.

default Protecting your data in public cloud services Popular

By 1250 downloads

Rapid growth in the use of public cloud services for core business operations is changing the technological landscape. But in the rush towards taking advantage of the agility that public cloud offers are organizations in danger of neglecting a core area of business continuity?

default Six ways to make the migration to cloud less daunting Popular

By 2694 downloads

Business continuity and disaster recovery are two common reasons why organizations consider cloud migration: but sometimes the decision to migrate is put off due to fears that the process will be difficult. In this article, Lilac Schoenbeck offers some tips to help smooth the migration path.

default Strategies for protecting SQL Server in the cloud Popular

By 2841 downloads

SQL Server is a business critical application that requires high availability protection, regardless of where it is deployed. Even in the cloud, you still need to protect SQL Server from downtime if the cloud instance or the cloud provider fails. However, traditional solutions, such as shared-storage clusters may not be practical or even possible in the cloud. SANless software can provide enterprises with high availability and disaster recovery protection for SQL Server in the cloud without the limitations of shared storage. This article will look at strategies for how this can be achieved.

default The cloud in 2015 Popular

By 3050 downloads

Steven Harrison predicts how business use of cloud computing will develop and change during 2015.

default The cloud: are you sure you have fully assessed the risks? Popular

By 452 downloads

Cloud usage is becoming increasingly widespread across organizations of all sizes; but at the same time cybercriminals are also paying a lot of attention to the opportunities that cloud offers them. Tony Beveridge highlights some potential cloud risks you may not have thought of…

default The state of critical application availability in public cloud and hybrid cloud environments Popular

By 1046 downloads

Frank Jablonski looks at how organizations can provide both high availability and disaster recovery for critical applications running in purely public and hybrid cloud environments.

default There’s a new acronym on the block: getting to know CNAPP Popular

By 158 downloads

Cyber security and acronyms seemingly go hand in hand and every year there are new ones to learn and remember. From APTs and ZTNA to CASB and SIEM, the world of cyber security is full of them. Markus Strauss looks at CNAPP, one of the newest additions to the acronym list.

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