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default A new way to boost business continuity: DR with smart endpoints and a software-defined perimeter (SDP) Popular

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The benefits of the cloud as the prime location for disaster recovery backups are well known and accepted by many organizations, but what is often missed is the associated reliance on VPNs, a technology that’s not really designed for the cloud says Don Boxley…

default Debunking six disaster recovery automation myths Popular

By 838 downloads

As disaster recovery automation has developed so have various viewpoints about constraints which hold back organizations when attempting to use this approach. Here Chandrasekar S highlights ‘six DR automation myths’ and explains why they are misconceptions.

default Disaster recovery testing: how to get it right Popular

By 1269 downloads

With an article prepared for Business Continuity Awareness Week, Ryan Weeks, chief information security officer at Datto shares five tips that business managers and IT teams should follow to help ensure that disaster recovery testing efforts are effective.

default IT disaster recovery: should I stay or should I go? Popular

By 523 downloads

The cloud brings many advantages to IT disaster recovery says Eamonn O'Neill. Here he highlights five benefits of IT disaster recovery in the cloud compared to on-premises approaches.

default Key considerations when building a disaster recovery plan for private cloud Popular

By 564 downloads

One of the most persistent and baseless misconceptions about private cloud is that companies don’t need a disaster recovery plan for their business applications. Girish Dadge explains why this is a misconception and looks at what needs to be in place for effective DR.

default Security policies matter for disaster recovery Popular

By 2580 downloads

Replicating the production security infrastructure at a disaster recovery site can be a problem: Professor Avishai Wool looks at how organizations should approach security policy management in their disaster recovery planning.

default So you have disaster recovery, but can you really avoid downtime? Popular

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Disaster recovery is imperative for the survival of any organization and whilst many businesses have some form of strategy in place, they need to ensure they can maintain continuity should a disaster strike. The concept is not new, so why are we still seeing many organizations fall victim to downtime? Johan Pellicaan looks at this question.

default Software-defined storage to the rescue Popular

By 2742 downloads

Data disaster recovery can be a complex process, with much that can go wrong. Farid Yavari suggests that software-defined storage can take much of the risk out of the process.

default The benefits of a public-cloud based DRaaS deployment Popular

By 2573 downloads

Lynn LeBlanc describes three advantages that a modern DRaaS solution that leverages the public cloud can bring, making effective business resiliency easier to achieve for your team.

default The benefits that DRaaS brings to disaster recovery testing Popular

By 2966 downloads

Disaster recovery as a service offers many advantages for IT disaster recovery testing says Gabriel Gambill.

default Traditional DR vs DRaaS: six questions to ask Popular

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When reviewing the differences between traditional disaster recovery and business continuity methods, compared to the more recent DRaaS (disaster recovery as a service) approach, Steve Blow suggests there are six main things to consider before making a decision on what’s best for your company.

default Understanding the tradeoffs: not all SQL Server DR options are the same Popular

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There are various options for SQL Server disaster recovery but each comes with its own tradeoffs and you need to understand the nature of these in order to select the approach that’s best for your organization. Dave Bermingham offers some help with this area…

default What does disaster recovery have in common with the Tour de France? Popular

By 2958 downloads

Marc Goroff draws several parallels between professional cycling and the way that organizations should manage their disaster recovery strategy.

default Why a global file system should be a core component of your business continuity strategy Popular

By 1071 downloads

Recovering unstructured data after an outage can be a significant challenge, but one which can be made significantly easier through the use of a global cloud-based file system. Warren Arnold looks at the issue…

default Why disaster recovery should become a thing of the past… Popular

By 1397 downloads

Patrick SmithPatrick Smith traces the history of IT disaster recovery and explains why he believes that it is time for the discipline to be pensioned off alongside recovery time objectives and recovery point objectives.

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