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default 2018's outages: what are the lessons for 2019? Popular

By 1328 downloads

Doron Pinhas looks at the common factors behind various high-profile technology outages in 2018 and proposes a practical approach which will help organizations reduce unplanned downtime in 2019.

default Achieving high availability for SAP HANA Popular

By 334 downloads

Organizations across the globe rely on SAP ERP systems to maintain their essential applications. As deadlines draw nearer for moving to SAP’s HANA database, IT teams need to consider the potential complexity of implementing high availability and disaster recovery for these systems says Ian Allton.

default Availability and reliability: is your network keeping up? Popular

By 1601 downloads

Network management can sometimes be a neglected afterthought, yet the availability and reliability of the network is essential for a whole host of mission-critical activities. Kevin Drinkall challenges organizations to consider whether they are giving enough attention to their network.

default Back to basics: understanding the difference between disaster recovery and business continuity Popular

By 594 downloads

Organizations that are new to BCM are sometimes confused about the differentiation between business continuity and disaster recovery. Neil Stobart explains and provides an overview of what a good DR strategy should include.

default Backup – is your strategy evolving? Popular

By 1264 downloads

It goes without saying that backing up data is one of the most important things a business can do, especially considering how data is now essentially the lifeblood of an organization. With this in mind, five IT industry professionals give their advice as to how business continuity professionals can keep up with the ever-evolving world of backup...

default Better data protection: is the 3-2-1 rule still relevant? Popular

By 278 downloads

The 3-2-1 rule has been at the heart of successful data protection strategies for many years. Christopher Rogers looks at whether it still has relevance in today’s rapidly changing technology and threat environment.

default Business continuity and disaster recovery planning for SQL Server Popular

By 1369 downloads

This article by Dave Bermingham provides some practical guidance to help system and database administrators tasked with creating business continuity and disaster recovery plans.

default Caught in the middle? Minimising network migration risks Popular

By 2920 downloads

For businesses who are in the process of shifting applications into the cloud, the risk of falling victim to downtime or a security threat is high. Reuven Harrison explains why, careful network planning before beginning the process, and security policy orchestration, can reduce pain points.

default Considering the future of your mission critical legacy applications Popular

By 457 downloads

Legacy mission critical applications are a headache for many CIOs. Here, Nick Denning, CIO of Diegesis, offers an alternative view to the lure of new technologies and the consequential risky business of replacing tried and tested technology.

default CTO? Why updating your backup strategy should be on your 2019 to-do list Popular

By 1354 downloads

Backup technology has evolved over the years, but the time has come to take a completely fresh approach, says Avi Raichel. In this article Avi explains: Why backup is a CTO concern; What CTOs need to do to update the backup strategies in place; How CTOs can help the business become IT resilient.

default Dealing with the risks and issues of legacy network architectures Popular

By 1296 downloads

As organizations journey towards digital transformation, they’re increasingly likely to have migrated workloads to the cloud. This raises the challenge of dealing with the issues and risks associated with legacy network architectures that were built for a pre-cloud era. Hubert da Costa explores the subject and suggests a solution.

default DevOps: coming to an IT department near you soon Popular

By 2621 downloads

DevOps is one of the emerging trends which is changing the way organizations implement software and it brings availability, security and resilience advantages. Gerardo Dada explains what DevOps is and looks at some of the pre-requisites for its introduction.

default Digital transformation: why business continuity and data security are key Popular

By 1272 downloads

Don Boxley looks at some important questions that need to be asked to ensure that business continuity and data security are considered during digital transformation projects.

default Edge computing and hyperconvergence: the formula for maximum uptime? Popular

By 1198 downloads

There is plenty of hype around edge computing and hyperconvergence, but how useful are these technology approaches to business continuity? Alan Conboy explains why the combination can help to reduce downtime to the absolute minimum.

default Eliminating weak links in the chain of high availability Popular

By 556 downloads

This article by Dave Bermingham will dig beneath the surface of application high availability, looking at the cloud servers, storage, network, and other related infrastructure components to help readers identify and eliminate weak links in the chain that ensures high availability.

default Ensuring business continuity in a remote working environment Popular

By 1081 downloads

The rush to remote working as organizations responded to COVID-19 lockdowns and other restrictions may have resulted in business continuity and cyber security taking a back-seat. Mick Bradley highlights areas that need to be considered and makes some recommendations.

default Five resilience, availability, and data protection principles for Kubernetes Popular

By 743 downloads

Kubernetes use is growing rapidly, a trend which is expected to accelerate. In this article, Gijsbert Janssen van Doorn looks at some of the related resilience, availability, and data protection issues and provides some helpful tips.

default Five threats associated with the withdrawal of support for Windows Server 2003 Popular

By 3103 downloads

Insight UK, a technology provider of hardware, software and service solutions, has identified five key threats faced by organizations rushing to meet the Windows Server 2003 end of support date.

default Five ways to maximise security, resilience and availability Popular

By 2842 downloads

What does the right architecture look like, and how should you go about building it into your network? Jeff Harris explores best practices for establishing a security architecture that is both robust and delivers high availability.

default Flash-to-Flash-to-Cloud is on the way to becoming the standard solution for backup Popular

By 1199 downloads

The traditional ‘Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape’ (D2D2T) backup model is no longer adequate for always-on enterprises requiring rapid restore data and is being replaced by Flash-to-Flash-to-Cloud (F2F2C) says Peter Gadd…

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