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default The right to be forgotten versus the need to backup Popular

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The right to be forgotten is a fundamental aspect of both the GDPR and CCPA privacy laws; but its impact on personal information in data backups has yet to be tested. Bill Tolson explains the issue and provides some practical advice.

default The risks associated with unsecured VoIP calls Popular

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Paul German, CTO & Founder, VoipSec, calls on companies to wake up to the threats related to VoIP before it is too late.

default The role of tape storage in 2021 and beyond Popular

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Tape is far from being yesterday’s storage technology says Rich Gadomski. As well as a continued role in IT resiliency and business continuity it has an emerging role in protection against ransomware and in managing the needs of the digital enterprise.

default The world of IT is changing – so why isn’t backup keeping up? Popular

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In many organizations the way that data backup is handled hasn’t changed much over the years, despite the fact that we are in the middle of a digital revolution! Gijsbert Janssen van Doorn looks at why this is and calls for organizations to move towards continuous data protection.

default Tips for migrating applications to software-defined networks Popular

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One of the advantages of software-defined networks is reduced downtime. In this article Professor Avishai Wool offers advice to organizations on how they should approach migrating business applications to SDN environments.

default To invoke or not to invoke? That is the question when it comes to disaster recovery Popular

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Deciding whether to failover to a secondary site or wait it out and fix the problem in-house still remains one of the toughest decisions businesses face during an outage.

default Understanding Windows Server cluster quorum options Popular

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David Bermingham looks at ways to ensure that business critical information held within SQL Server deployments can be protected via cluster quorums, including looking at the role of various ‘witness’ options.

default Updating your IT disaster recovery strategies to address the ransomware threat Popular

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IT disaster recovery strategies that were previously seen as good practice are not keeping up with the rapid development of ransomware threats. Richard Massey explains why and describes additional steps that organizations should be taking.

default Using business impact analysis to address network security risks Popular

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Asher Benbenisty looks at how organizations can apply the business impact analysis methodology to remediate risk within the network security infrastructure - and ensure security is business driven.

default Why automated network security management matters Popular

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A 2019 AlgoSec study found that over 42 percent of organizations had experienced an application or network outage caused by a human error or misconfiguration. Kyle Wickert explains why this figure is so high; and why automation is key to improvement.

default Why organizations still haven’t got on top of IT outages... Popular

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Downtime has been a bugbear for organizations every since IT systems first started to be used, but according to a University of Chicago study, the causes of downtime are still often unknown. Doron Pinhas asks why this is still the case and looks at improvements that can be made.

default ‘It must be the network’: how to avoid the blame game and reduce downtime in an app-centric IT environment Popular

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Many companies are reliant on applications to drive business-critical processes, but when downtime or slow performance cause issues it can be difficult to ascertain the root cause.

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