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default A weak information security culture means your organization is vulnerable Popular

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Organizations normally understand that employees are key to improving information security, but often focus on awareness of policies and procedures. Chantelle van Wyk explains why this approach is ineffective and looks at what else organizations should be doing to strengthen the information security culture.

default Access management and control considerations for zero trust security Popular

By 899 downloads

Tawnya Lancaster considers the importance of access management and control for the zero trust model of information security and how it can contribute to a more dynamic model for resilient, flexible information security.

default An approach to cyber resiliency: unifying cyber security incident response and business continuity Popular

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Bringing cyber security incident response and business continuity teams together will enable organizations to better manage cyber resiliency suggests Chandrasekar S.

default Applying the Swiss cheese model to cyber resilience Popular

By 336 downloads

The Swiss cheese model is a risk management technique that is transferrable to cyber resilience management. Thomas Muller-Martin explains what it is and describes the benefits of such an approach.

default Are you practicing good cyber hygiene? How to clean up your security approach Popular

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We hear a lot about good hygiene these days, especially when it comes to personal hygiene. In fact, hygiene has never been more important as a way to protect ourselves and our families. The same is true for protecting an enterprise’s data assets says Dan Garcia.

default Are your legacy systems an open door for cyber attacks? Popular

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Often the business systems you rely on most can be the most neglected. They have been running well for years without much attention. However, this situation must now be challenged – the changing cyber threat landscape means the risk of downtime to your legacy systems is increasing. Here Nick Denning proposes six steps to protect your organization and its legacy systems.

default As business continuity and information security move closer together, how can the NIST framework help? Popular

By 620 downloads

As business continuity and information security move closer together, how can the NIST framework help? Steve Burden and David Davies look at the NIST framework and its role in cyber threat protection & incident response. They explain why it’s important that cyber response plans link to BC and ICT continuity plans.

default Avoiding ‘Hotel California’ security policies Popular

By 2901 downloads

Old security policies and rules often stick around long after they’ve outstayed their welcome. Kyle Wickert shows how you can ensure they check out and leave, for good.

default Boards must up their game before the hackers claim checkmate Popular

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The connected world is under siege and current security solutions and approaches are outdated and inadequate: it’s time for organizational boards to recognise this and take action.

default Building an effective computer security incident response team Popular

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As the volume and variety of cyber attacks on businesses continue to grow, the need for better incident response has never been greater. Stephen Moore discusses how to build an effective CSIRT and the role it can play in protecting an enterprise in the event of a breach.

default Busting industrial control system security myths Popular

By 2802 downloads

Busting industrial control system security myths: Kirill Slavin lists five common myths that are often heard when talking with businesses about industrial control systems. He shows why each of these myths needs a re-think…

default Complexity is the enemy of security Popular

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According to recent findings from the Ponemon Institute, a considerable 83 percent of respondents believe their organization is at risk because the intricacy of business and IT operations. Andrew Lintell looks at the issue and how organizations can improve security in complex networks.

default Cyber attacks are inevitable: it’s how you respond that counts Popular

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GDPR essentially forces companies to go public with any cyber attack they suffer, which poses further challenges when it comes to protecting their reputation. However, a quick and effective response to a cyber attack is impossible without thorough planning and forethought. Jonathan Hemus offers some points to consider...

default Cyber attacks: how to win the web application security war Popular

By 1431 downloads

Web applications are increasingly a gateway to successful cyber attacks. In this article Aatish Pattni looks at the threats posed to web application security - and how these can be successfully addressed.

default Cyber risk management of third party suppliers and partners Popular

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Dr. Jim Kennedy explains why managing the cyber risks posed by suppliers and partners is the weak link in many information security plans and looks at how to improve in this area.

default Cyber risk management: an overview Popular

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This article by Alberto G. Alexander, Ph.D, focuses on the major components of an effective cyber risk management process. Different options for establishing a cyber risk framework are presented and best practices for cyber risk management are suggested.

default Cyber security breaches: hiding in plain sight Popular

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In a world of constantly emerging threats, security is a tough job: but the concepts of best practice have been devised for a reason. The challenge for organizations is to attain that balance between unworkable change control practices and an anarchic environment that provides ample opportunities to hide.

default Cyber security is in denial, that's why it needs the Lean Six Sigma approach Popular

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If most businesses were honest, they would admit that they don’t have a full picture when it comes to understanding what threats they face from cyber attacks. That’s why security leaders need to take lessons from the corporate world and approach cyber security through a new Lean Six Sigma lens says Miles Tappin.

default Cyber security: three reasons why you may be protecting the wrong thing Popular

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For too long now, organizations have been focusing on protecting their network, when in fact they should have been protecting their data. Paul German outlines three reasons why this has been the case and why it matters.

default Cybersecurity lessons for the C-Suite Popular

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Mike Potts reflects on the 2015 RSA conference and the lessons that need to be taken from it.

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