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default Cybersecurity predictions for 2015 Popular

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2014 was a year in which information security vaulted into the public eye, driven by a surge in both the number and the visibility of data breaches and compromises. This new attention will bring greater scrutiny in 2015, just as the nature and severity of threats continue to evolve for the worst.

default Data sovereignty is key to cyber resilience

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Simon Pamplin explains why those organizations still taking a tech-first approach to cyber security are fundamentally misunderstanding the objectives of global data protection regulation – and leaving both individuals and the business dangerously exposed as a result.

default Dealing with the risk of DDoS ransom attacks Popular

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Jake Madders highlights the increasing trend for distributed denial of service attacks to come with a ransom demand and explains what organizations can do to handle such a situation.

default Deep observability: taking zero trust to another level

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To get zero trust right, security teams need to ensure they achieve deep observability from cloud to core says Mark Coates. Here he explains what deep observability is and its role in zero trust.

default Denying the deniers: fighting back against DDoS attacks Popular

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Worldwide DDoS attacks increased significantly over the past year but they get much less publicity than other forms of cyber attack. Marie Hattar looks at why this is and what the latest techniques are to protect businesses against such incidents.

default Developing a successful cyber resilience framework

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Cyber resilience brings the areas of information security, business continuity, and organizational resilience together says Alberto G. Alexander, Ph. D. In this article he presents the elements of a successful cyber resilience strategy and highlights the components of a cyber resilience framework.

default Don’t go once more unto the breach: fix these policy configuration mistakes Popular

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It may not be the most interesting aspect of protecting your business but optimizing policy configuration for firewalls and other security devices is an important consideration. Asher Benbenisty examines four common security policy errors, and shows how organizations can avoid them.

default Don’t panic! Six steps for surviving your first data breach Popular

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Once you’ve come to terms with the harsh reality of the world, you come to understand that sooner or later, you will be the victim of a security breach. Chances are that it may not be this month, or even this year, but as the insightful Tyler Durden so shrewdly observed, “On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.” Getting breached doesn’t establish whether or not you have a decent security program in place: but how you respond to a security breach does.

default Double extortion ransomware explored: handling the business risk Popular

By 252 downloads

Chris Harris explains what double extortion ransomware is, explores the growing challenge that it poses for businesses, and looks at prevention tactics that can be implemented as part of a zero trust approach to cyber security.

default Emerging trends in security operations management Popular

By 454 downloads

Looking back over more than 12 months of pandemic lockdowns in various parts of the World and looking forward to the 'next normals', Spencer Lichtenstein considers the impacts on security operations management and the future trends in this area that we are likely to see.

default Enterprise security and the resurgence of ransomware Popular

By 783 downloads

A recent resurgence in ransomware has seen it shoot right back to the top of the cyber crime list. While much of this resurgence can be attributed to the arrival of new ransomware mutations, another factor seems to be playing a major role as well; the growth of cyber insurance. Jan van Vliet explains…

default Evolving your security operations strategy to fit the cloud Popular

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Your cloud infrastructure security will be managed by your cloud provider but the applications, workloads, and data are your responsibility. Oliver Pinson-Roxburgh looks at four areas that should be considered.

default Fast-track your information security incident response plan Popular

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Tim Bandos explains how a thorough incident response plan can be one of the most effective means to protect a business against the growing threat of cyber attack and outlines the essential characteristics of such a plan.

default First the sprint, now the marathon: determining vulnerability remediation velocity through risk-based SLAs Popular

By 391 downloads

Stephen Roostan looks at the concept of remediation velocity and its role in helping organizations gain control over managing technology vulnerabilities.

default Five security trends to watch in virtualization Popular

By 2161 downloads

Vitaly Mzokov looks in detail at five emerging trends which are starting to effect virtualization security.

default Five steps for successfully implementing an ISO 27001 risk assessment framework Popular

By 1119 downloads

Gemma Platt shares five critical steps that businesses need to take in order to embed and embrace ISO 27001 risk assessments within their data protection processes.

default Four steps for denying DDoS attackers Popular

By 2376 downloads

Dan Wiley, head of incident response at Check Point, looks at the growing prevalence of DDoS as an attack vector, and gives a four-step guide to mitigating their impact.

default Have we become desensitised to cyber attacks? Popular

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Not a day seem to go by without news of another cyber incident. As human beings, we learn to get used to things, and become desensitised to events that don’t directly involve us. Is this happening when it comes to cyber threats? Mike Smith thinks so…

default Have we placed too much emphasis on an assume breach mindset? Popular

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The assume breach approach is widely accepted as the starting point for cyber resilience, but is it helping organizations develop successful strategies? Chuck Everette thinks that it is not effective and in this article he explains why…

default Horizon scanning: cyber security and the metaverse Popular

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As organizations start to look to metaverse platforms the associated cyber security threats need consideration. Matias Madou looks at cyber security issues associated with the metaverse and offers some recommendations…

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