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default What are nation state information security attacks really telling us? Popular

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A change is necessary in the mind-set about how we protect IT to an approach that sees attacks as a part of doing business.

default What should a cyber incident playbook include? Popular

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Charlie Maclean Bristol explains why developing a playbook for the main types of cyber attacks will help businesses response effectively when an attack occurs. He also provides a checklist covering the areas that such a playbook should include.

default What to look for in a next generation privileged access management solution Popular

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A security breach of a privileged account is a nightmare that organizations hope they will never need to respond to. Alan Radford explains how next generation privileged access management (PAM) solutions provide assurance in this area; and what such a PAM should include.

default Why are employees shunning security? Popular

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Information security often seems to be an internal battle ground, with the organization attempting to impose ever more restrictive security and employees continually looking for ways round it to make their jobs easier and more productive. Per Stritich explains why this situation occurs and what to do about it.

default Why being proactive is the key to effective cyber security… Popular

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Traditional cyber security is based on protecting the organization with barriers and reacting to any breaches that occur. Dean Moulden explains why this is no longer effective: and why taking a proactive, zero trust, approach is now essential.

default Why cyber resilience and security leadership must come from the top of organizations Popular

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In this article, Rick Jones suggests that, rather than finding someone to blame when security measures fail, it is imperative that company executives and boards take the lead when it comes to cyber resilience and security.

default Why data backup and recovery need to be part of your zero trust security program Popular

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Zero trust is increasingly being accepted as part of a holistic cyber resilience strategy. Florian Malecki points out the importance of including backup and recovery within zero trust and highlights some issues to consider.

default Why insider threats are succeeding Popular

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Many companies still lack the means or motivation to protect themselves from malicious insiders; but the effects of insider threats are simply too big to ignore. In this article TK Keanini looks at the practical steps that organizations can take to protect data and systems from insider threats.

default Why it’s time for a new approach to penetration testing… Popular

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Traditional approaches to penetration testing have been overtaken by the changes in information security threats that we have seen in recent years. Nick Rafferty explains why this is the case and what can be done about it.

default Why organizations need to move to an application-centric approach to security management Popular

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Kyle Wickert explains what an application-centric approach is and why organizations need to start adopting it for security management. Moving towards an application-centric approach may be easier than you expect...

default Why security need not stifle agility Popular

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Many CIOs are struggling to realise the full benefits of their increasingly virtualized IT estates, largely due to the strains of staying secure. But Reuven Harrison says it doesn’t have to be this way...

default With attacks on the rise, how can SCADA security be improved? Popular

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Deborah Galea outlines five steps that can be taken to tighten up the security of SCADA systems.

default Zero trust security: what it is and why adoption is increasing Popular

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Every step you take in your organization’s zero trust journey reduces your risk of downtime, data breaches and compliance failures, so the time to start implementing it is now, says Bryan Patton. Here he explores why so many organizations are moving to zero trust and how to take your first steps.

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