Survey finds ‘major shortcomings in the management and control of companies’ mission critical systems’

Published: Friday, 27 May 2016 07:16

Coromatic has published the results of its annual critical facilities site management survey that covers operations and maintenance of mission critical facilities. The survey, which has been conducted among site managers in 24 countries across the globe, reveals major shortcomings in the management and control of companies’ mission critical systems.

During the past two years, close to half (49 percent) of the survey respondents had not performed business impact analyses (BIA) to verify the criticality of their site operations and the vulnerability of these in relation to operational disruptions. During the same period, almost as many (45 percent), indicated that they ran their facilities without service level agreements (SLAs). However, the respondents’ awareness of the business risks with disruptions to site operations is high. More than 70 percent of the responding site managers stated that interruptions to a mission critical facility would have severe or extremely severe effects on their company's overall business. 25 percent indicated that the entire company would be jeopardized in case of a disruption to a mission critical facility.

The survey also revealed that 37 percent of respondents avoided making critical infrastructure investments because business case requirements were seen as too complex.

About the survey 

The online survey was conducted in partnership with research company Mistat. More than 330 mission critical facilities managers participated from large- and medium-sized companies across 24 countries within all industries. The respondents had managerial positions in IT, property management, or finance.