Business Continuity Institute to revise its Good Practice Guidelines

Published: Tuesday, 31 May 2016 07:28

The Business Continuity Institute’s Good Practice Guidelines are the ‘body of knowledge for good business continuity practice worldwide’ and sit at the core of BCI training and certification. The latest issue was published in 2013 and the BCI has just announced that a revision will take place, to be available in 2017.

To enable the revision, the BCI is currently establishing Working Groups of volunteers and is consulting with current users of the Good Practice Guidelines; the BCI’s Global Membership Council members; and previous authors and contributors.

Working Group Leaders are being appointed to lead six Working Groups, one for each professional practice. 

The BCI says that the aim of this revision process is “to make improvements and updates where possible, without completely rewriting the core content, or losing the structure and core professional practices that make up the BCM Lifecycle.”