The Business Continuity Institute has published a new edition in its Working Paper series. In ‘The effect of pandemic transmission speed on business continuity’ Dezheng Yuan AFBCI uses three simplified financial models to explore the impact of pandemic transmission speed on the business continuity of organizations.

The paper’s abstract reads as follows:

Using three simplified financial models, the author elaborated the impact of pandemic transmission speed to the business continuity of organizations and advised solutions. The author explained how slower pandemic transmission speed could enable more effective cross-region back-up plans of organizations which could reduce financial losses. Therefore, even if the final morbidity and mortality rates remain the same, the efforts paid to delay the spread of the infectious diseases are still justified from the viewpoint of business continuity management (BCM). The recommendations of the author include delaying the transmission of a pandemic by organizations of both public sector and private sector, promoting BCM and developing effective cross-region business continuity plans by authorities as well as by non-government organizations (NGO), and taking a series of other measures to minimize the financial loss caused by pandemic. The author further advised that these conclusions and recommendations could also be applicable to non-profit organizations if the monetary figures in the financial models are replaced by the estimated social benefits.

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