Business continuity software webinars

Published: Thursday, 28 May 2015 07:53

In a series of webinars, Paul Gant, head of BCM Assurance at Phoenix, will explain how software can help business continuity managers with a variety of planning challenges that are commonly faced by BC practitioners.

The webinars are:

How BC software can simplify the management of your complex BC plans

A common challenge business continuity practitioners face is that as their existing plans grow and develop over time, they become unwieldy. It is then increasingly time-consuming to manage the plans and to keep them up-to-date. Eventually, they become more of a hindrance than a help – and it’s more of a challenge to keep other staff engaged with your business continuity management.

Date: Thursday 4th June at 11:00

Find out how BC software can help when your BCM resource is being reduced

As organizations continue to seek ways to increase efficiencies and decrease costs, business continuity management is one of the first functions that is called upon to do more with less. As such, business continuity managers are on a constant quest for tools to help deliver an effective business continuity management programme within the budget that the business allows.

Date: Thursday 2nd July at 11:00