New paper considers ‘Time to Value’ for both Adaptive and Traditional business continuity

Published: Friday, 06 July 2018 07:35

The Adaptive approach to business continuity, developed by David Lindstedt and Mark Armour, proposes a simplified method of improving business continuity capabilities. A new paper now claims that Adaptive business continuity may provide value at least eleven times faster than Traditional approaches.

The paper, written by Dr. Lindstedt, analyzes the lifecycle of Traditional business continuity practices as outlined in the latest edition of the BCI’s Good Practice Guide, estimating the hours it would take a hypothetical organization to execute those practices, and then estimating the value gained from each practice. These results are compared to a similar calculation for Adaptive business continuity, allowing the calculation of an estimated ‘Time to Value’ (TTV) for the two approaches.

The resulting calculations, while potentially subject to a large margin of error due to insufficient industry data, indicate that the Adaptive approach may be at least eleven times faster at providing value. In some business continuity lifecycle phases, the TTV of an Adaptive approach may be 18 to 20 times faster.

Read the paper (PDF).