Business Continuity Institute launches ‘Women in Resilience’ group

Published: Wednesday, 13 February 2019 08:41

The Business Continuity Institute has formed a new group, Women in Resilience (WiR), which aims to connect and empower women in business continuity, organizational resilience and related disciplines. The BCI says that WiR ‘seeks to attract more women into the industry, and support, and champion those working in the field to become leaders and advance in their careers’. All women with an interest in resilience are invited to join the group and leverage the information and opportunities that will be available.  

The initial WiR committee consists of Gianna Detoni (Chair), Kate Needham-Bennett (Vice-Chair), Ruth Massie, Esra Gulfidan, Sandra Bell and Julia Graham.

Gianna stated “The women in resilience initiative confirms the attention that the BCI devotes to its members. The BCI’s membership has grown more diverse in recent years and there is a feeling that women should be better represented in the continuity and resilience profession. While companies continue to make every effort to guarantee diversity, this network can help to empower them to guide the industry in a more positive direction”. 

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