Call made for the inclusion of facilities managers early in the business continuity planning process

Published: Thursday, 23 May 2019 08:19

Richard Somiari, Center Director at the Lagos State DNA & Forensic Centre, is urging organizations to consider including facilities managers within business continuity planning teams.

Speaking at a recent event linked to the World FM Day 2019, Mr. Somiari said that usually facilities managers aren’t asked for input until a late stage in business continuity plan development; but including their expertise at the beginning of the process would bring many benefits.

The specialist knowledge that facilities managers have about the businesses physical structures is invaluable says Mr. Somiari.

World FM Day took place on May 15th 2019. Initiated by Global FM, the aim of the event is to recognise the vital work that facilities management professionals and the facilities management industry contribute to business worldwide.

Source: Nigeria Independent