BCI schedules a series of business continuity webinars for ‘Education Month’

Published: Tuesday, 01 September 2015 08:01

The Business Continuity Institute has designated September as ‘Education Month’ and has scheduled a series of business continuity webinars through the month.

The BCI says that Education Month is designed to get business continuity and resilience professionals thinking about their professional development. There will be a number of special offers available including discounted Good Practice Guidelines, mock exam questions and training courses. All these offers can be found here.

The Education Month webinars scheduled so far are;

Business continuity - a risky subject
Hosted by Lynda Vongyer AFBCI on 1st September at 3pm BST

BCM in natural disasters
Hosted by Mustafa Komut AMBCI on 2nd September at 3pm BST

Practical procurement and supply chain continuity management
Hosted by David Window MBCI on 3rd September at 3pm BST

Resiliency… taking business continuity to the next level
Hosted by Betty Kildow FBCI on 4th September at 3pm BST

Risk management strategies for protecting enterprise supply chains
Hosted by Paul Kirvan FBCI on 7th September at 3pm BST

The Business Impact Analysis as foundation of the BCM approach
Hosted by Wolfgang Mahr MBCI on 10th September at 3pm BST

Planning a BC training and awareness campaign
Hosted by Mel Gosling FBCI on 16th September at 3pm BST

The resilient organization – methodology and practice
Hosted by Phil Wood AMBCI on 22nd September at 3pm BST

Don’t 'present'. Persuade!
Hosted by Nathaniel Forbes MBCI on 23rd September at 3pm BST