COVID-19: five points to consider when implementing remote working arrangements

Published: Thursday, 05 March 2020 09:59

In response to the growing concerns around COVID-19’s potential to develop into a global pandemic may organizations are rapidly developing remote working strategies. Point B highlights five areas that need to be thought about during this process…

Design clear policies

Clearly define participation rules and guidelines for remote workers, including expectations around working hours and etiquette around remote meetings.

Implement effective change management principles

Make sure leadership offers a constant stream of communication, reinforcing where employees can turn for help – both with regards to their work but also for emotional support.

Ensure you have reliable tools

Virtual whiteboard tools like Mural allow teams to co-create and share ideas more effectively. Secure, cloud-based content management systems like OneDrive for Business, Box and SharePoint Online provide simultaneous editing and sharing capabilities and also allow for efficient content discovery. Zoom or Teams for conference calls are good substitutes for in-person meetings.

Provide responsive support

Create a support infrastructure that prioritizes remote worker requests and maintain the tools to handle issues remotely. Help desk personnel and procedures should be updated to include new remote work use cases and tools. Augment your self-service help capabilities by creating learning portals on your intranet that teach your employees how to use new tools.

Create an intentional remote culture

Hold regular virtual non-work related meetings with your employees to talk about more casual topics.