Academic case study looks at ‘The Effects of Information Security on Business Continuity’

Published: Friday, 27 March 2020 09:29

In a detailed case study, Rodney L. Liggett, from the University of Phoenix, has analyzed the effects of information security on business continuity. The paper’s abstract reads as follows:

“The purpose of this qualitative case study is to analyze the effects of information security on business continuity. Information security is the objective of organizations to protect information and information systems from access by unauthorized users to prevent the modification, disclosures, use, and destruction of information critical to organizational success. Business continuity is the activity that an organization performs to ensure processes and procedures are in place to continue normal business operations despite events that can disrupt daily operations. During this study we are looking at the effects that information security has throughout the daily operations in an organization.

"Determining the relationship that exist between information security and business continuity helps to determine how we can minimize these impacts and get a maximum return on investment regarding resources. Most of the participants reported that resources in the form of staffing and equipment cost were a result of the effects of information security on business continuity. Findings suggest that organizations need to review their resource allocations frequently in order to continue operating at maximum efficiency. This impact can be accommodated for by providing the appropriate resources either staff, financial, or technology to match the task that is being addressed (Goodhue & Thompson, 1995).

"The study is important for leaders so they can understand the importance of using the correct technology, tuned specifically for their organization’s tasks. Through proactive implementation reviews, daily disruptions can be reduced allowing business continuity to continue with business as usual.”

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