Gartner survey sees indication that higher levels of home working are here to stay

Published: Wednesday, 15 April 2020 09:37

A Gartner survey of 229 HR leaders on April 2nd revealed that many workers are planning to work remotely more often in the future. Currently nearly 50 percent of organizations report that 81 percent or more of their employees are working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. Another 15 percent of those surveyed said 61-80 percent of employees are working remotely at this time.

“While 30 percent of employees surveyed worked remotely at least part of the time before the pandemic, Gartner analysis reveals that post-pandemic, 41 percent of employees are likely to work remotely at least some of the time,” said Brian Kropp, chief of research for the Gartner HR practice. “Ultimately, the COVID-19 pandemic has many employees planning to work in a way that they hadn’t previously considered.”

Though remote workers are highly productive, the turnover risk is also much higher. A 1Q20 Gartner Survey of more than 5,000 employees found that 48 percent of fully remote employees exhibit high discretionary effort, versus 35 percent of employees who never work remotely. The same survey revealed that the percentage of employees exhibiting high intent to stay with their current employer is 13 percentage points higher among those who never work remotely.