Telematics company records spike in commercial vehicle theft

Published: Wednesday, 15 April 2020 10:23

Radius Telematics has seen a big increase in the thefts of commercial vehicles and plant since the COVID-19 lockdown.  With many offices, factories and construction sites shut, thieves appear to be taking advantage of unattended locations.

Radius Telematics acquired two companies last year that had a substantial proportion of their business in vehicle and plant security and both are reporting significant spikes in thefts. Altogether Radius companies track over 250,000 vehicles across the globe, with security devices fitted to over 27,000 assets ranging from generators to vans, mini-diggers and earth moving trucks. Many are equipped with Theft Recovery Trackers; small covert wireless devices with movement and tamper alarms. Once activated the asset is automatically tracked to ensure that stolen assets are recovered quickly and efficiently.

“From security tracker alerts we have seen a doubling in plant and van theft since the lockdown began. It’s incredible that when we are all self-isolating and worrying about a deadly virus, crime is being committed while people and organizations are so vulnerable,” said Greville Coe, Managing Director of Radius Telematics.