Many traditional business continuity strategies don’t work in pandemic times says Crises Control

Published: Friday, 12 June 2020 07:58

The COVID-19 pandemic raises a number of very significant issues for business continuity. These issues include employee availability, supply chain disruption, and social distancing. As companies return to full operations, they will have to adapt to a new normal with significantly changed business operating models. These are some of the areas explored in a new white paper from Crises Control.

‘Helping your business to survive through COVID19 and beyond’ says that traditional business continuity responses, such as moving to a backup site will not work during a pandemic. The problem is with people being unavailable rather than technology being unavailable.Unlike a standard business continuity event, where restoring technology is the greatest issue, during a pandemic technology can provide a solution.

A significant element of the new normal is going to be employees working from home where they can do so. There are benefits to this for both the employee and the organization: less time spent commuting, less exposure to risk of infection and a more agile and resilient workforce. But there are dangers too, that the employee may not be working in an appropriate workspace, for example. Organizations have a duty of care to ensure that employees have a safe place to work as well as protecting corporate digital assets and complying with information security, legal, GDPR and other requirements. Completed properly, the return to work at home will be accompanied by a site survey and risk assessment of the home office environment.

Read the white paper.