Standards Australia consults on risk management and business continuity briefing paper

Published: Monday, 16 November 2020 08:51

Standards Australia has published a briefing paper to explore the way forward for risk management and business continuity standards published by the organization. The ‘Risk Management and Business Continuity Sector Briefing Paper’ outlines a proposed plan for activities in this area.

“The current pandemic has highlighted the need for effective planning. We have worked closely with experts in this space to provide new guidance material around risk management and continuity strategies to ensure that operations and infrastructure are appropriately supported,” said Daniel Chidgey, Head of Stakeholder Engagement at Standards Australia. “The aim of the briefing paper is to ensure we are set up for success and can continue to deliver the right standards solutions to meets Australia’s future needs,” continued Mr. Chidgey.

Standards Australia welcomes feedback on the risk management and business continuity briefing paper (PDF) via until 4th December 2020.

Current standards include: