The state of business continuity: quick survey 2

Published: Friday, 11 December 2020 14:34

The second Continuity Central 'State of business continuity: quick survey' is now open and continues the theme of exploring how business continuity managers are approaching core operational resilience principles. In this survey we ask you to identify the business services that you prioritise...


Thank you to everyone who took part in our ‘State of business continuity: quick survey 1’. The results were very interesting and showed broad acceptance of the principle of taking a customer perspective when it comes to determining which products and services are priorities for business continuity programs. This also fits with the operational resilience principle that organizations should identify their most important business services and understand and document the resources that are required to deliver and support these.

Operational resilience continues to be a hot topic across all financials around the world, and following on from the previous survey we wanted to probe a little more into the areas touched on in quick survey 1.

Please take part: we will be adding other quick surveys over the coming weeks and then we will circle back, publishing the results on Continuity Central.

This survey is now closed...