Deal or no-deal: steps businesses can take to plan for either outcome as the end of the Brexit transition process nears

Published: Wednesday, 16 December 2020 09:47

As another deadline passes in the Brexit transition process, impacted businesses still have no concrete idea of what outcome to prepare for. However, this does not mean than no continuity and resilience planning can take place. In this checklist, Steve Hodgson offers some practical pointers…

This checklist provides a list of recommendations for building a plan and preparing your organizations for the end of the Brexit transition period on 1st January 2021.
It  is aimed at provoking thinking across a range of areas of your business enabling you to use the time left before the end of the year to  create a useful plan and to ensure that your organization is as prepared as it is possible to be.

Section one: Revisit previous plans

Many Brexit plans were written prior to the current pandemic and subsequent forced changes to the organization may have made elements of your previous plans out of date. Overview your previous Brexit plans and consider:

Section two: People and staff

One of the key areas of change will be in the area of free movement of people between the UK and the EU and impacts to consider here include:

Section three: Cross border trade

Section four: Data.

Areas to assess here include:

Section five: Finance, compliance, and regulatory  considerations

Section six: Supply chain

The potential for difficulties in the supply chain has been well sign-posted. Areas to consider in this area include:

Section seven: business continuity and operational resilience

This whole checklist relates to business continuity and operational resilience in various ways but there are also specific actions which you should take:

The author

Steve Hodgson is Managing Consultant at Castellan. In September Steve took part in a webinar, 'Coping with a No-Deal Brexit Amid Global Pandemic – A Panel Discussion'. You can watch a replay here.