Business Continuity Awareness Week dates scheduled

Published: Thursday, 28 January 2021 09:56

The BCI has announced that the annual Business Continuity Awareness Week will take place from 17th-21st May 2021. The BCAW theme will be ‘Business continuity starts with you’. The BCI says that it is taking a ‘back to basics’ approach with this year’s Business Continuity Awareness Week focussing on how to raise awareness, embed business continuity, and build resilience within your organization. 

Core to the concept of the ‘Business continuity starts with you’ theme is that ‘business continuity works best when your staff are engaged and aware of their organization’s plans in case of a crisis; when they know how to behave to mitigate risks and threats; and when they know how to react to certain situations. Business continuity starts with each member of staff, from top to bottom.’

BCAW will provide resources (case studies, webinars and podcasts) to access as well as activities and competitions to take part in.

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