BCI Asia Awards presented

Published: Friday, 16 October 2015 13:53

The BCI Asia Awards 2015 have been presented to the winners at an awards ceremony in  Singapore. The annual awards recognise the outstanding contribution of business continuity professionals and organizations in the Asia region. They were presented as part of the 13th Asia Business Continuity Conference in Singapore.

 The winners were:

Continuity and Resilience Consultant 
Yoriko Tobishima MBCI, Senior Consultant InterRisk Research Institute & Consulting Inc

Continuity and Resilience Professional (Private Sector) 
Yuichiro Matsui AMBCI, President, Minerva Veritas Co., ltd

Continuity and Resilience Team 
Kai Shing Management Services Limited – International Commerce Centre

Continuity and Resilience Professional (Public Sector)
David Lee AMBCI, Head of Business Continuity Management, National Healthcare Group

Continuity and Resilience Provider (Service/Product) 
BC Connex Pte Ltd - ezBCM

Continuity and Resilience Innovation

Industry Personality of the Year
Dr Edgar Frank FBCI, Founder, Principal Consultant, EJF Consulting Services.