Making the case for business continuity when budgets are under pressure

Published: Tuesday, 20 October 2015 08:06

The cliché is that when times are tight, marketing budgets are the first to feel the scissors. In reality, business continuity is even more likely to suffer from budget cuts : after all, the money-men always say that the risk of a major fire or an ICT meltdown is remote. That type of argument is particularly strong right now as trading conditions continue to be difficult as the aftershocks of the 2008 financial crisis are joined by lower growth in China and other key growth markets.

However, it’s important not to think that lower growth prospects mean that business continuity is a luxury that the company cannot afford. Now is really the time for the business continuity team to make their case even more strongly.

“I advise those who are responsible for business continuity to make a multi-dimensional case for maintaining a focus on this area: but it’s important also to frame the discussion in terms of business value. Business continuity has to be seen within the context of the corporate strategy, not in isolation,” says Pete Frielinghaus, senior advisor to ContinuitySA.

Mr Frielinghaus offers the following two pointers South African businesses for arguing the case for business continuity: