International SOS and Everbridge announce strategic partnership

Published: Thursday, 01 September 2016 07:52

International SOS and Everbridge have announced a strategic partnership to deliver critical information to employees and mobile workforces when events occur that may impact their health, safety, security or wellbeing.

By integrating International SOS’ TravelTracker and Everbridge’s critical communication engine, client organizations will have access to an advanced set of capabilities to communicate near real-time alerts in times of crisis.

TravelTracker customers will benefit from the reliability of the Everbridge critical communication engine, which delivered more than one billion messages to more than 200 countries in multiple languages and dialects in 2015.

“In today’s dynamic workplace where many employees are likely to be working remotely or travelling, it is no longer good enough to alert and get confirmations of safety from people about critical events based upon their ‘static’ office location,” said Jaime Ellertson, CEO of Everbridge.

“By partnering with International SOS it enables companies to improve employee safety and duty of care for all employees based on where people are, inside or outside the building, and what is taking place near them.”

“Providing timely, accurate, reliable information and advice during times of crisis is critical to reducing risks to an organisation and its people,” said Arnaud VaissiĆ©, chairman and CEO of International SOS. “The partnership with Everbridge is expected to bring with it innovations in the delivery of critical communications, expert advice and assistance.”