Send Word Now awarded patent for its SWN Direct mobile app for alert recipients

Published: Friday, 11 November 2016 14:08

Send Word Now has announced the award of US patent no. 9,485,643 for the technology inherent in SWN Direct, its new mobile app for alert recipients.

SWN Direct is the company's latest innovation for urgent communications and collaboration. The inventive mobile application enables rapid, secure and encrypted interactions between organizations and their employees, customers and stakeholders.

"This patent represents our ongoing commitment to develop product technology that is both cutting-edge and practical in a wide range of applications and industries," said Tony Schmitz, Send Word Now President and CEO. "Building on our deep understanding of technology, SWN Direct delivers a revolutionary set of recipient mobile-oriented tools for voice, text and file delivery for a much lower total operating cost than previously available."

SWN Direct utilizes IP networking end to end for the secure delivery of voice, text and files seamlessly to recipient mobile phones anywhere in the world.

The patent includes technology powering multiple features of the SWN Direct app including Express Messenger, Express Voice, One-click Connect and Locate.

Express Messenger is an SMS alternative that delivers two-way, high capacity, encrypted, rich-text capable alerts directly to the app with return receipts, delivery scheduling and real-time message vanish.

Express Voice offers fully integrated and richly featured voice and call conferencing services via SIP/RTP over a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection anywhere in the world.

One-click Connect provides for a one-touch voice connection via Wi-Fi, cellular data or PSTN to Send Word Now's Customer Support center, voice alert mail box or Send Word Now's IVR service platform.

Locate allows administrators to easily select alert recipients by their real-time geographic location without compromising privacy.

The SWN Direct mobile app works in conjunction with the Send Word Now alerting service and is currently available in the Apple and Google Play stores.