Australian Continuity Forum acquired by the Business Continuity Institute's Australasian Chapter

Published: Tuesday, 19 May 2015 08:28

Business Continuity (Australasia) Ltd (BCI Australasia), the operator of the Australasian Chapter of the Business Continuity Institute, has announced that it has acquired the Australasian operations of Continuity Forum Pty Ltd.

Continuity Forum and the BCI have always operated in the same arena and have provided similar services to their respective members. In recent years, Continuity Forum and the BCI have co-operated to organize and deliver many joint events, such as the Australasian BC Summit (since 2006), many joint State Forum meetings, and national activities during Business Continuity Awareness Week.

According to Business Continuity (Australasia):

"In early 2015, the opportunity arose for BCI Australasia to enhance its services to the Australasian by acquiring the business and operations of Continuity Forum Pty Ltd. Bringing the two organizations together makes great sense and creates synergies that will provide benefits to all members of both existing bodies. For example, Continuity Forum members will be able to attend any BCI member meeting or event held in Australia or New Zealand, receive discounted entry to all BCI major events (like the annual BCI Summit Australasia) and other endorsed events, and will have access to the BCI’s global web site and extensive resources and research library.

"Importantly, the larger combined membership body will provide the business continuity industry in Australia and New Zealand with a greater presence to address issues of concern to members, both locally and internationally.

"Continuity Forum will continue to exist and operate in conjunction with the BCI in Australia and New Zealand for the immediate future, however, all member services and support will be provided by BCI Australasia."