Plan B challenges IT recovery times

Published: Wednesday, 20 May 2015 08:24

Plan B Disaster Recovery is offering companies the chance to cut their risk of IT downtime by half or receive half price disaster recovery services for a year. Businesses wishing to reduce the risk of IT downtime can receive three months free disaster recovery service from Plan B. If recovery times are not reduced by at least 50 percent then the customer can either walk away with no cost, or receive one year’s service at half the normal service fees.

Plan B has pioneered pre-recovery, where IT systems are fully recovered and tested every day just in case of an IT failure. Because customer’s recovery systems have always been tested within the previous 24 hours, and are proven to be ready and working, it’s simply a case of booting them and full productivity can resume. In doing all the hard work in advance, Plan B has confidence that nobody offering a disaster recovery service can match their recovery times.

“It’s all about risk” says Ian Daly, director of Plan B Disaster Recovery. “The only way to guarantee your recovery will work is if you have already tested it. And that’s what Plan B set out to do. We are the only company to test recoveries every 24 hours, so we offer the only guaranteed solution, and fastest recovery times. We’re hoping companies will take the challenge and reduce their risk of IT downtime.”

Plan B carries out over 250,000 DR restores and tests every year for its customers who tend to be mid and large sized organizations.

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