Water Direct reports record demand for emergency water supply during UK heatwave

Published: Tuesday, 07 August 2018 12:02

Emergency water supplier Water Direct has issued a reminder to UK businesses of the importance of water supply contingency planning and making advance provision to meet increased demand, as it experiences its highest ever demand for water supply.

In the first three weeks of July alone, Water Direct delivered 8.2 million litres of emergency drinking water by tanker, a significant increase compared to the summer months of previous years. Demand for the delivery of emergency pallets of bottled water has also increased by 39 percent in comparison to July 2017 and sales of Aqubeâ„¢ have risen by 119 percent.

"We expect to be operating around the clock at this level as long as the heatwave continues," explains Water Direct's Sven Parris. "The UK water infrastructure has seen exceptional challenges this year due to extreme weather conditions. We have been lobbying for improved awareness of water contingency planning and we are seeing extreme examples of why it is so critical. At Water Direct we understand that regardless of the size or nature of your business premises, an interruption to water supply can have significant impact."

Water Direct's business continuity planning service WaterTightâ„¢ includes access to unique alternative supply solutions, priority delivery of emergency quality-assured water supply and consultation from the company's team of contingency planning experts.