Online Safety Tech Industry Association (OSTIA) launched in the UK

Published: Tuesday, 05 May 2020 09:18

A new UK association, the Online Safety Tech Industry Association (OSTIA), has been launched, bringing together expert companies and advisory bodies to tackle online safety.

Initiated by Edinburgh-based Cyan Forensics and PUBLIC, 14 separate tech companies have joined the association whose mission is to drive conversation and policy, and enact global change in the complex area of online safeguarding technology.

The concept of OSTIA emerged at a roundtable event in 2019 organised by Cyan Forensics and PUBLIC, and chaired by Baroness Shields, OBE. The event brought tech companies, government and charity organizations together to share ideas and to discuss collective issues and solutions to many of the online harms-related problems faced today.

OSTIA has received backing and support from across government, campaign bodies and charities, including the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF). Organization representatives will meet regularly with government representatives to explore ways to support innovation and growth in UK safety tech.

The association has three key aims:

The initial OSTIA industry members are: