Award for business continuity start-up founder

Published: Tuesday, 20 October 2015 09:54

The founder of a start-up company responsible for developing a new business continuity mobile application has won the Asian Professional of the Year Award 2015 for IT and Technology. Rickie Sehgal, chairman of Crises Control, received the award at a recent ceremony held at the 5-star Grange City Hotel near Tower Bridge, London.

Crises Control offers a cloud based crisis management platform provides a mobile application that offers a mass communication, easy-to-use, and customizable crisis response solution. After two years in development, the Crises Control app is now being brought to market. The app has a number of unique features, including responsive gap analysis and an incident SOP service.

On receiving the award Mr. Sehgal said:

“This award might have my name on it, but the true credit for it must be shared equally with my brother and long-time business partner Sonny Sehgal. Sonny and I have been in business together since the very start, when we were still students in London in the mid-1980’s. It is remarkable that 30 years later we are still together and still innovating, just like we did way back then.”

“The key to success in this, and any, business is never to stand still and stop innovating. Once you do that you are dead and many companies much bigger than ours have died that way. I am very proud of our traditional of constant innovation and Crises Control is just the latest, and I hope biggest, expression of that.”