Aussie tech startups partner to tackle flood risk and disrupt the emergency response sector

Published: Tuesday, 13 July 2021 08:58

Fast growing tech startups FloodMapp and Catalyst Technologies have announced a new partnership with the integration of their products NowCast and iluminr. FloodMapp, the leader in real-time flood modelling, will deliver NowCast via iluminr, a next generation critical event management platform that combines (near) real-time threat feeds with highly intuitive response and communication toolsets.

“The integration of iluminr and NowCast is an absolute gamechanger for the Emergency Management community. Teams will for the first time have access to high resolution flood data, delivered and managed in the market’s most intuitive Emergency Response platform, iluminr” said Joshua Shields, CEO and Co-Founder of Catalyst Technologies, the developers of iluminr.

The situational awareness delivered by NowCast and iluminr allows emergency response teams to make good decisions instantly and coordinate often limited resources to where it is most needed for evacuations and asset protection. This ultimately has major safety and economic implications saving both lives and millions in economic losses.

“Loss of life, safety incidents and damage during floods are caused because individuals and businesses who do not understand that they or their assets are at risk. This is because current flood forecasting systems and data provided are too broad, and aren’t integrated in real time with the mapping tools used by individuals and businesses today.” said Ms Murphy.

Until now, many Emergency Managers have had to source intelligence from a broad array of applications, often with very low resolution, in the attempt to create situational awareness. The response would then be managed via disparate systems built for a pre-COVID environment. By integrating NowCast into iluminr, teams can now geospatially map high resolution flood exposure against compounding threats and create a single operating picture in minutes.

NowCast and iluminr are already operational in the USA and Australia, working with government agencies, financial institutions, utilities, logistics companies and insurers.