F-Secure helping to develop secure AI as a part of EC SPATIAL project

Published: Thursday, 30 September 2021 12:03

F-Secure will research advancements in trustworthy artificial intelligence (AI) as part of SPATIAL (Security and Privacy Accountable Technology Innovations, Algorithms, and machine Learning), a new project funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 program. The collaborative effort unites academia and industry to increase the reliability and security of artificial intelligence and data management in cyber security applications.

“Secure AI is the foundation for trustworthy AI,” said F-Secure Vice President of Artificial Intelligence Matti Aksela. “We’re honoured to be a key industrial partner in this fantastic collaboration that gives us even more opportunities to design, develop and evaluate methods for improving the resilience of AI-based technologies being used today in cyber security.”

F-Secure’s AI-powered systems analyze an average of 7 billion online queries, 6 billion behavioural events, and millions of suspicious file and URL samples per day. This requires constant advancements in machine learning, which the company has used to detect malware since 2006 and continues to lead the industry with the award-winning Project Blackfin, an initiative that develops innovative machine learning-based methods for addressing cyber security challenges.

“SPATIAL’s goals of data privacy, resilience engineering, and accountability all align with our AI efforts,” said Aksela. “We are proud to be a part of the mission to achieve secure and trustworthy AI through greater transparency, attack preparedness and respect for customer data confidentiality.”

SPATIAL brings F-Secure together with top AI minds from academia and industry across Europe, with participation from Delft University of Technology (Netherlands), Montimage (France), Mainflux Labs (Serbia), Telefonica Investigacion y Desarrollo (Spain), Fraunhofer Society (Germany), University College Dublin (Ireland), University of Tartu (Estonia), NEC Laboratories Europe GmbH (Germany), Erasmus University Rotterdam (Netherlands), Australo Interinnov Marketing Lab SL (Spain), and Reaktor (Finland).

"It's exciting to collaborate with F-Secure through this initiative to tackle the EU top agenda on trustworthy AI," said Dr. Aaron Ding, the consortium coordinator of SPATIAL. "The solid R&D record of F-Secure in AI and cyber security will definitely accelerate the knowledge transfer of our project for technology and societal impact."

More information about SPATIAL is available at https://spatial-h2020.eu/