BCI announces that it is stopping publication of the Continuity & Resilience magazine

Published: Thursday, 02 December 2021 11:11

The BCI has announced that it is to cease publication of Continuity & Resilience, its quarterly membership magazine.

In a statement the BCI said:

“The traditional quarterly membership magazine has been a part of the Institute for many years providing knowledge and content to its thousands of readers.

“Print magazines though come with many challenges in today’s world. Often articles are written months before the magazine ends up in the hands of the reader, making the content somewhat dated before it is consumed. Sending thousands of printed paper copies of a magazine to all corners of the globe is not environmentally sustainable and adds a huge amount to the Institute’s carbon footprint. Text-based, time-consuming content is not the preferred choice of many modern professionals who tell us that they are seeking content in a variety of formats.

“The BCI has therefore taken the decision to replace the quarterly magazine with the continuous content that BCI members are seeking as evidenced by responses to the BCI Members Content Survey conducted late last year.

“The savings from the magazine will be re-invested into alternative resources to create a wide variety of content across many forms. This has already been taking place over the last few months.”