Infinite Blue acquires Centrallo: including Groupdolists crisis management platform

Published: Wednesday, 19 January 2022 09:41

Infinite Blue has acquired the assets of Centrallo Corporation, including Groupdolists, a global incident and crisis management response platform. Groupdolists helps organizations optimize their responses during disruptions by mobilizing response teams, activating interactive response plans, and coordinating actions and managing communications. Groupdolists automatically documents all information and activity, which aids both response management and after-action planning.

“We are very excited to welcome the Groupdolists team, led by Michael Sher, to the Infinite Blue crew,” said Frank Shultz, Chairman and CEO of Infinite Blue. “Mike and his team are 20-year veterans in our industry. Their expertise, relationships, innovative track records, and forward thinking will be invaluable and provide a distinct competitive advantage as BC in the Cloud continues to evolve. This acquisition will further empower our customers globally to be more resilient as we help them prepare for, respond to, and recover from all types of expected and unexpected disruptions.”

“Since day one, we have developed Groupdolists with the idea that a larger organization would eventually want to acquire us and leverage our domain expertise within a much larger platform,” said CEO Michael Sher. “Frank is visionary, as is his executive leadership team, and we’re excited to work closely to leverage our expertise, relationships and experience to fulfill Infinite Blue’s vision.”